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Trouble with Triads
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Unnamed Airbender, Wangfire94, DaEpicStorm, Gamedude948

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July 1, 2012

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"A Look into the Past"


Isra- Ees-ruh

Akari- Uh-car-ee


I was struggling under the weight of the giant clay jug of water.

"C'mon, Isra." I said. "Hurry up and choose what flowers you want! It's not something that should take all day."

"In a second, Akari!" She shouted back at me.

The giant jug of water was almost backbreaking in weight, and the sun was setting. I groaned, frustrated that we weren't home yet.

"Seriously, Isra! I don't want to have anything taken by triads!"

"One more minute, I promise!" She said. From outside of the florist's shop I heard her talking.

"The purple ones look nice... how much for one, sir?"

"That will be five yuans, miss." The florist responded.

"Only five? I'm sold!" My sister said. She took the flower, handed the florist his money, and fixated her new accessory in her hair, as she came out of the shop.

"It's about time." I muttered. She rolled her eyes, and we walked out of the shop together, the flower resting just above her ear, nested inside her shoulder length black hair. Her bangs that were brushed off to the side gently touched the flower.

I watched the sky turn orange, as the sun began to slip behind the skyscrapers. We were about to reach the curb of the street, when a red Satomobile turned the corner.

"Not today, please, not today." I heard her mutter. But, knowing our luck, the triads' ride jerked to a halt right in front of us, and the gangster known as Two-Toed-Ping stepped out right in front of us.

"Well, well, well, what've we got here?" He said.

"Looks to me like some youngsters, who have some goods to give up." Another one in blue said giving up. He then began to bend water out of my jar and into his water pouch.

"What was that for? We paid good money for that!" I shouted at him

"My pouch needed filling. Thanks for your kind contributions, young lady."

Just then, the clay jug I was carrying bend shut, and my sister's face became cross, and she took a deep breath in.

"Just leave us alone." She said in a firm tone.

"Unless you'd rather pay for allowing your journey to be safe, I suggest you open that back up and pay your debts."

"Not likely." Isra declared.

"Well then, Ping, I think this girl needs to be taught a lesson." The man said, expecting no response but a nod, which he received.

"Do your worst." My sister taunted. The man reached for some water, but suddenly a giant pillar of earth erupted beneath the man's feet, and he was flung into the air. I looked at Isra, whose arm was raised in a fist. Then, Two-Toed Ping came after her, and she earthbended a giant chunk right in front of her, and avoided his fire. The ground above him then rose, and soon there was a fight on our hands.

The waterbender began to bend small ice daggers at Isra, but she just countered them with earth darts. The firebender shot fire at her, but she created a wall to protect herself. She then began to chuck rocks at them, which the gang members avoided easily. Two Toed Ping sent another large blast of fire at her, and she ran of to the side to avoid it, and shot him into the air yet again. The waterbender attempted to freeze my sister in a block of ice, but she earthbent herself free, and the fight continued to rage on.

I watched the fight for a while, and eventually put down the jug and just stood there. After a while, I thought I heard a rustle back through an alley. I poked my head through there, but I saw nothing. I came back, and the fight was still on.

"Should I call the cops?" I shouted at my sister.

"No, they'd kill me for this much damage!" She whirled around and called back. Just then a large wave of water came and splashed Isra down to the street. She shot herself into the air and used the earth to catch herself, just in time to notice Ping shooting huge waves of fire at her. She raised a small earth platform, and used it to move herself across the street and almost had her back against a shop. She raised two plates of earth, and used them to shield herself against the fire blasts, which were quickly joined by strikes of what remained of the waterbender's water from his pouch.

It looked like my sister might lose, and I took a deep breath and calmed myself. Then, a huge gust of wind blew through the streets and swept the gangsters off of their feet. They fell onto their backs, and all of the water spilled out of the waterbender's pouch

"Ah. What kind of wind was that?" Two Toed Ping said, as they moaned, possibly in agreement.

My sister proceeded to earthbend their arms to the ground. I picked up the jug of water, and the top opened up again. Using my reflection in the water, I proceeded to fix my short black hair that only just dangled past my ears, and my sister walked back over to me.

"Don't let a little wind slow you down." Isra said in a snarky tone, and we began to walk away. As soon as we were out of earshot, Isra grabbed be by the sleeve and whispered in my ear,

"Next time, be more careful with the A-I-R bending."

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