Tricks and Triumphs
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Tricks and Triumphs


Kenichi was sitting under one of the tree shaped mushrooms that grew outside of the city drinking his favorite alcoholic beverage Sake watching the two figures spar.

Kaida growing annoyed by the time it took her to complete the lesson. She begrudgingly looked at Kenichi sitting up on the hill all pompous and care free. While she trained in the death pit of a terrain "You going to train with us sooner or later, it's been two days, or so you say?" She said in her trademarked murderous grin.

"Eyes on your opponent" Kenichi responded jollily.

No sooner did Hisoka appear on Kaida's shoulder in a scrunched position. Before her pedestal could respond Hisoka jumped and disappeared using her kagetenjun.

As a result of the force from the jump Kaida was forced to plant face first into the mud and grime. Kaida prided herself on being in control, but this broke the cameldillo's back, Kaida got back up and unleashed a volley of fire that could rival that of Fire Nation fireworks.

Weather it was the unpredictability of the fire being sent or the speed and almost limitless energy Kaida seemed to be expelling. Hisoka was so choked she had to try to get behind Kaida. Five releases, that's all She thought, the first two redirected Hisoka from her current path, towards Kaida's back.

Her mind was racing; Kaida had gotten angry before, this was a whole different animal though. Everything seemed slow blurred at some points, but one thing was sure. She could now see Hisoka move. It was as if she were jumping off from branches each of the two times a blue flash appeared. From reading her movements, Kaida's body move to perform a fire jab where Hisoka head would appear next.

On her third reentry Hisoka saw the fist with red fires jetting out in the corner of her eye.

(Pirate Ship)

The brawl already started the mass of the crew were fighting Miku who could only grin and giggle with glee as she ducked and dealt punch after punch.

All the stragglers were left to Katara all of them were easily dealt with by way of Ice or water whip. Except when the captain came on board, originally Katara had thought he was nothing but another fool, her mind was only changed when, a blast of water directed for the head was quickly redirected back.

The captain winked at the fellow master waterbender.

Miku was growing bored of dodging the thugs and gave up the notion all together, using her water pouch she surrounded her hands in water in a way anyone would for healing purposes. As any new thug approached her Miku would place her hands where momentum could shift most, froze the water and threw them into whatever was behind her.

Seeing Miku fight out the corner of her eye Katara felt rejuvenated. She unleashed several water whips trying to contact the elusive foe.

Playing dirty the captain froze the water underneath Katara.

Katara fought amazingly as other pirates and their various weapons tried to help their captain. Her steps were gracefully fluid avoiding the unnoticed ice several times. When she was about to reface the captain she finally hit the ice, knocking her off balance, in which the captain unleashed a move that knocked Katara overboard.

Seeing her temporary comrade cheated of a fair battle, Miku mumbled to herself "Gonna play it that way huh?" She took all of the water from her pouch, along with several gallons from the ocean to form a circling wall of water.

The pirates close enough tried to breach the vortex on deck, only to be flung back.

Miku ate the floating orb of water that was what was left in her pouch, Miku counted in her mind "One, two, a one, two, three, four" She cleared her throat. "SEYTAHHH..."

(Earth Kingdom)

Toph tired of the little mediocre and repetitive task. "Are we going to really fight each other or not?"

"This is not difficult enough Toph?" Daichi said as he sent rocks towards the earthbender and her wrapped feet.

"Don't get me wrong this method makes it incredibly hard to see, but I assumed that you were holding a secret move." She spoke as she dodged each rock.

Daichi only commented. "My you're an impatient one. Oh well, I guess I can tell you."

Toph perked up to this and stopped moving.

Daichi earthbent two seats they could both could sit and talk in better comfort. He sat in his chair straight up, like he was at a banquet. Toph sat in a comfortable and awkward pose she immediately ripped the cloths off her feet.

"What is this about softshell?" Toph said mocking Daichi with one of her trademark nicknames.

"The reason I am even here to train with you is too make a request." Daichi started slowly.

"What could I have that you want?" Toph still said mostly uninterested.


Toph snapped to attention at this. "What?!?"

"It is not for me, It's for Hisoka." Daichi quickly started.

"Who?"  Toph asked still on track with metalbending.

"Listen, we want you to teach her metalbending, I was ordered to make you an offer you can't refuse." Daichi continued

"My parents are one of the wealthiest of the nobles in all the Earth Kingdom, money is of no importance." Toph said unwilling to teach anyone of this group anything.

"What I am offering is something you can't achieve with your money." Daichi pursued.

"What could that be?" Toph said sarcastically.

"Sight" Daichi's chosen word echoed in Toph's ears.

"Right!" was all Toph muttered before deep inside her; a seed of hope was planted.

(Southern Air Temple)

"Why do you hate me?" Aang asked Altair at the campfire.

Altair looked at Aang with spiteful eyes; it was minutes until he made an attempt to respond. "The better question is "Why wouldn't I hate you?"" Altair said even more malice filled oceans of hatred.

"This hardly seems fair."

"Well I don't hate you for what you are," Altair started.

"That is good, I guess." Aang cut in.

"I hate you for who you are." Altair continued.

Aang felt his own mixed feeling about this remark.

"You're the 'Avatar' you are supposed to instill balance among the world. Instead you lead to some of the worst tragedies." Altair spat poisonously.

"I was a child confused and lost, I ran away." Aang countered.

"I'm talking about during the war." Altair corrected.

"What?" Aang asked.

"Dear Akuma, Your group caused the sinking of Wan Shi Tong's library, failed to keep hold on Ba Sing Se, the Fire Nation threatened the world for 100 years, and even the Moon Spirit died because of you." Altair bombarded Aang with reasons.

"You know all this can't fully be my fault." Aang answered calmly.

"Worst of all, you took them away." Altair said with closed eyes.

"Who?" Aang asked.

"My family..."

(Avatar Roku's Island)

Ryuu was standing in the middle of one of the only vegetated parts of the island. Rustling in the bushes behind him, he never moved, never flinched, never wavered,  never reacted to Azula when she came back.

"You sure are a weird one." Azula mocked to get a response.

Ryuu never responded.

"You hear me?" Azula asked.

"Yes." he answered without emotion or any sign he was actually responding in conscious mind.

"I don't know why I trust you; all my resources are pulled into this." Azula tried.

"You don't trust me, you only trust the logic, which is good, I like it this way." Ryuu said as he walked away never facing the former princess of The Fire Nation.

Her blood boiling Azula never faced someone so aloof that they seemed to have no personality at all. Yet for some reason she felt attracted to him for that exact reason.


"WOah there" Kenichi said throwing Kaida several feet away from Hisoka.

Although aggravated by this Kaida noticed she had some control over her actions before she plowed into the ground again. Kaida swore to herself that Kenichi's sclera was black.

"Uncle Keni!!!" Hisoka yelled, after which she repeatedly hit her uncle on the head with her sheathed sword.

"Ow  ow ow ow ow ow ow" was all he responded covering his head with his arms.

"You're..." She said hitting him with the sword sheath at the end of every word.

"Little Hisoka you would get hit if I hadn't" he replied.

This nickname seemed to make Hisoka strike harder.

Leaving the two too their argument, Kaida went to read her new book.

The Akuma me

Roughly translated from the Demon (Akuma) language this title means "Demon eyes"

Although based on a believed genetic trait, this title is usually obtained once in a generation. For odd reasons they also have traits similar to the Avatar in a sense of multiple elemental bending abilities.

The Manifestation of Akuma Spiritual Kinetic energy or as they like to call them, MASKs is an odd physical reaction to the eighth chakra being opened in a way only the Akuma me or regular Akuma naturally do.

Speculation: There is a belief in "Kai me" which is the belief that certain Akuma me can create a constant flow of negative chi by fusing with their MASKs. The result of this is supposedly a combustion around the pupil of the Kai me Along with unparalleled regeneration abilities.

For Myth's and Fables see page 87

Although interested Kaida was running out of time and skimmed most of the pages

Pgs 81-86

This....avoid....abomination...soulless.... Eldest Akuma Yang....  Eldest Spirit Yin....only option.... Never underestimate.... NOT HUMAN!

Pg 87

Kaida tore through each line looking for a weakness


"Long ago during the great wars between the 9 Akuma kings and queens, and 5 Lords and Ladies of Spirits; humans were used as tools of warfare. Treated little more than beasts of burden and battle their respective overlords forced them to fight to the death, in their stead.


In the last battle of these terrible wars, The High Queen of the Akuma eldest daughter of Yang was saved by an adversary, who was human as well. Curious too why such a creature, who she herself slaughtered millions of before, would even give her injured state a second glance. She allowed herself to become a prisoner, slowly studying the soul of such a unique creature, she found herself that her soul was becoming more like its and its soul was becoming shattered like hers naturally was. The war ended eventually but the High Queen found herself bound to this creature, the one she called 'Kenichi" from the day she learned its true nature. He was the first Akuma me the first to master the MASK and the last to learn how to solidify suns."


Kaida checked the page before. "Why on earth is this here" she spoke to herself.


"The First Kenichi learned many things from the High Queen, the most useful of which was the control of the eighth chakra, the ability to not just collide like our fire bender brethren, but to fuse together the positive and negative chi creating a sun. Along with this the first Kenichi learned the Kagetejun, Akuma-hatsu no namida, And Akuma no saigo no namida. The only three techniques too have ever existed for plasma bending at that time."

The Thousand Year War

Kaida now more interested than with any other story she had read so far tried to slowly read the legend.

"Long long ago when your ancestor's ancestors walked the earth as infants there was a war of devastating proportion; before this gruesome event existed, The Fifth Nation stood guard as one people united in keeping the world in balance....

As the war raged on the battle lines, supplies and warriors stalemated. All that battling stopped when the three sent their champion against the Fifth's champion. Spirit versus Akuma me both granted the bounty of the elements, except for one.

The champions fought for countless days one matching the other on wit and strength. As the both warriors fell to each other wounded. The armies began to charge before one another again. Before another blade, boulder, blaze, or burst of torrent clashed. They appeared....

"Hey Kaida what are you reading?" Kenichi said his battle finally calmed down.

Hisoka appeared in front of Kaida. "It's the war of thousands." she yelled to her uncle.

"Oh I love that story, it's fairly accurate." he said walking towards the two.

This made Kaida's eyes shrink. She had enough experience with Kenichi to learn that he is more often honest than some would ever credit him for.

"Where are you at?" he asked.

"'They appeared....'" Kaida responded.

"Oh you're just about to get to the best part." Kenichi said with a playful grin.

Kaida went back to reading except she felt eyes hovering over her shoulder

"They appeared The 7 Guardians of Balance, in one day they accomplished what 2 generations of Spirits and Akuma could not. They gathered the Five Lords of Spirits and the Nine Akuma Kings and Queens, and by sheer force created an agreement that burdened an entire people to never see the faces of their ancestors again.'"

Kaida looked up from the book "I thought the thousand year war was fought by the five nations not the spirits or 'Akuma'."

"Fought by, and fought for are two different beings. Although true humankind fought, there was always spiritual influence." Kenichi informed as he started walking to the city.

"Where are you going?" Kaida begrudgingly asked.

"Important event, Hisoka you watch her." he said as he continued to walk. Suddenly Kenichi stopped. As he turned he held the most serious look in his eye Kaida had ever seen. "If you are looking for a weakness I'm afraid there is only two common ones for any Akuma me."

Horrified yet intrigued Kaida dared to ask. "What are they?"

Kenichi dropped his mood, turned around and said, "Ask Hisoka, she will tell you."

Kenichi disappeared without a trace.

"Sooooo?" Kaida said in a very fake nonchalant voice as she leaned to look at Hisoka.

"Let's talk while we visit Nothing."

"Reasonable enough." Kaida responded to her younger peer.

(Medic's House)

Hisoka and Kaida walked in from the front door as Hinata was returning from lessons and entering the back door.

"Morning Nothing" Hinata and Hisoka said in unison.

"Morning Hisoka, Morning Hinata how was lessons?" Nothing said reacting to Hinata first.

"We had a class on control of Plasma, AGAIN!!!" the girl said obviously annoyed. "I can't wait until we learn the cherry blossom or the protector." she said with a growing anticipation.

"Hinata how many classes have you had based on control so far?" Hosoka interrupted.

"Um ... Let's see I started lessons four years ago soooo... About every day since." Hinata said bitterly.

"Why on earth that long!!!" Kaida asked.

Hisoka and Nothing just stared at her.

"How much about Plasmabending has Kenichi allowed her to learn?" Nothing asked.

"He requested an audience with the King; we should get the results soon on that subject."

Suddenly a massive shock wave shook the air; no less than a second sooner crash was heard.

Everyone ran to the windows except Nothing.

The largest building in the city at the very center had a massive hole in the side.

"Well, you can learn a restricted amount at the very least now." Hisoka said to Kaida

"Was it on the east side this time?" Nothing asked.

"Nope the north." Hisoka answered.


"She doesn't know does she?" Nothing asked rhetorically.

"I'll show her right now." Hisoka responded. "Hinata may I borrow some paper and something to draw with." Hisoka asked.

"Sure" the girl responded before she quickly pulled out a piece of paper and some drawing ink and a brush.

In two quick strokes Hisoka drew a unique symbol Kaida saw before.

A perfect circle surrounding a thick dot.

"That looks like your Uncles pendant." Kaida said.

"It is also the symbol of our country and element. Plasma is barely controllable and deadly to the bender and everyone around them if used wrong. This dot represents the combination of the cores of Yin and Yang. The space is the combination of the two diluted energies, and the circle the barrier that hold those destructive forces. The barrier is the control one must exert to contain such power, as you cam see it is without flaw." Hisoka explained

Kaida realized what this meant. "To draw a circle perfectly the first time means."

"Yes the price of mastering plasmabending is the loss of ones sanity." Hisoka said finishing Kiada's thought.

Kaida sat down, to force one to lose their mind was demonic, to teach children how to lose theirs was beyond comprehension.

"This is the first weakness the Akuma me has." Hisoka said in grimace.

"There were two, right?" Kaida asked.

This time Hisoka looked like she didn't want to answer Kiada. "Being an Akuma me is not like an Avatar at all there is only one Avatar at a time, but there could be as many Akuma me as there are natives of the Fifth Nation. Unlike the Avatar being Akuma me is based on you biology." Hisoka said as if by order from a military officer.

"How is that related to the weakness?" Kaida asked.

Hisoka took a deep breath, clearly uneasy on the topic, an uncommon trait for her. "Because it is biological the normality for a lineage link too one's becoming an Akuma me is often the case, but as an adverse effect they can only have one child."

Kaida's mind grew silent. "What do you mean normally?" she asked.

"It has been shown that this is a variation of our people biology, we are the descendants of the Demon Queen herself, but it is said the Akuma me are the ones who fully unlocked her power from within." Hisoka answered.

"So what you are telling me is the only way to defeat an Akuma me indefinitely is to stop their lineage, or figure out how to subdue their insanity?" Kaida asked.

Hisoka nodded.

"And ending the creepy note, Hinata when I can walk I'll show not just the Cherry Blossom and the Protector, I'll show you my own little technique." Nothing said.

"REALLY?!?" Hinata said with widening eyes.

"On my honor." Nothing said.

"When did you make your own technique?" Hisoka asked accusingly.

"Years ago, I just never show it to anyone." Nothing remarked.

"Well now who's been holding back?" Kenichi asked.

Hinata immediately dropped into a bow.

"You may greet me formally if you wish, but I'd rather you wouldn't." Kenichi said tapping on Hinata's bowed head.

"I'm sorry sir, I mean Kenichi sir, No that's still formal, I'm sorry Kenichi." Hinata stumbled over herself.

"You don't have to worry sis, Kenichi won't kill you over a title. If he did he'd have to deal with me first." Nothing said playfully.

"Sis?!?" Hisoka said curiously.

"She fusses over every little thing I do and gets me in trouble, like a little sister, right?" Nothing said confused on his whether he was right or not.

"I DO NOT!!!" Hinata said denying what Nothing said.

Among the small talk Kaida noticed something about Kenichi. "You're burned!"

"That would be my handy work." A new voice rang. A tall middle aged man in his early thirties walked in the room his most defiant feature was his shimmering white hair far exceeding his age.

This time everyone tried to bow except for Kenichi and Kaida although Hisoka's was a slight bow as if she were about to face him in battle.

"Your majesty!!!" Hisoka said in a respectful tone to start, "Next time let me beat my idiot uncle for making stupid decisions." she continued in her regular tone.

The man let out a light laugh. "Admittedly you can get your uncle good, but no one can beat your Uncle Kenichi like your Uncle Kenpachi." he then continued to laugh. Through his clothes a similar sized burn mark to Kenichi's was invisible to everyone except one.

Kenpachi looked around the room and saw Hinata was still bowed and Nothing was drawn to Hinata being stuck in the uncomfortable bowing position. The man stroked his chin for a second before he spoke.

"Young lady!" he said rather loud directing it towards Hinata.

Hinata looked up with fear and admiration in her eyes. She responded so quietly that almost no one could hear her.

"You are a loyal subject selflessly treating the future General of Water, You have no enemies here by doing so, as a matter of fact it has the opposite result. So please stand among your allies as an equal." His voice echoed with a calming yet held an inspirational effect.

Hinata seemed inspired by this as she stood straight up, fear barely visible in her eyes as it was out shown by the new found courage.

"Now tell me what is your name?"

"Hinata" she answered proudly.

"Wonderful name I once date a young girl who's name was Hinata." Kenpachi said.

"Really?" Hinata said with a different look in her eye.

"Yes; and blast where is that daughter of mine" Kenpachi responded half focused. "Sakura!!!" His voice vibrated throughout the building.

"Uh oh!" Nothing seemed to respond by instinct.

Kaida noticed something off about Hisoka since 'Sakura' was called, her hands were so clenched that her knuckles became even paler, her teeth became so clenched that her jaw seemed to shake under the strain. Kaida also noticed she wasn't the only one; Nothing seemed on edge as well.

Off in the distance a slight response returned. Suddenly with the same speed of what she had just recently been able see; a girl wearing a flowing dress attacked by lunging with a dagger at Kaida.

The blade was batted away by the katana of Hisoka.

"Figures scum like you would let an outsider learn all our secrets" A voice emanated from the girl wearing the dress but her mouth was cover oddly. It was disturbingly insulting that such a graceful voice had such a disrespectful tone. It reminded Kaida of Azula when she was a child, during the Hundred Year War.

"Figures cheaters like you would try a sneak attack." Hisoka with resonating malevolence in her voice.

"Accusing me of such of such indignities is a dirty blow even for you."

Walking around the present battle field Kaida asked Kenichi "What is with them?"

Kenichi only shrugged "I don't tend to get involved in her teenage rivalries."

"Good to know you two never change one bit." A familiar voice pierced through the atmosphere.

"Kasumi!!!" Nothing said with more life in his voice.

"Hi Nothing; how are you?"

She looked much more different than when Kaida last meet her, Maybe it was half her face was too covered in clay and paint then to see her features. Or maybe it was because she was carrying a highly decorated sickle with a blade that looked to be able to cut a torso.

"Oh good, even more annoyances. Father I'm leaving, this atmosphere just turned sour." Sakura said while she left, interrupting Nothing's conversation with Kasumi.

"Nice to see you cousin." Kasumi said rolling her eyes.

Sakura rolled her eyes as she left as well.

"So Kasumi out of curiosity; Why is this the first time you visited me?" Nothing said making the weird mood even weirder.

"I was making this for you." She said pulling out a vase, the form was amazing it looked like a normal vase for the bottom but for the rest of the wall up there was a spiral effect until it meet the rim which was rigid in corresponding to the spiral patterns.

Nothing's eyes widened. "Thank you. I wasn't expecting this."

Kasumi set it on the desk right next to the bed Nothing was laying on. "Perfect"



  • Kenpachi and Kenichi were close friends before Kenichi was Akuma me
  • Kenpachi is a bloodline uncle to Kasumi, but is used in the terms of an uncle to Hisoka because of his close friendship with Kenichi.
  • It is very rare that Kasumi gives people pieces of her own personal collection.
  • Hinata was decided become an official minor character recently.
  • Nothing tends to be invisible in the sense, People often see him but never really acknowledge his presence.
  • There are several Plasmabending masters encountered currently, Kenichi, Kenpachi, Hisoka, Daichi, and Altair the rest will remain anonymous.

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