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Happy (almost) Halloween everyone! Sadly, I cannot give you guys candy through the computer screen, but I can give you a (hopefully) funny one-shot on how Korra and her friends might celebrate it. I'd like to think this takes place after Book 4, and since it's unknown if Korra and Mako are together yet, there's no romantic gushy stuff in here. This is also for the Fanonbender's Fanontastic Fanon Contest Round 7, so yeah. Enjoy!

Asami walked into the room with a fedora upside down in her hand. She approached her friends that were sitting on the floor waiting for her since they had saved her a spot. She sat down, Mako in front, Korra to her left, and Bolin at her right. She placed the hat in the middle of their circle and began to explain the rules.

"Okay, this is the only fair way we can do this. Each person picks a name from the hat, and whoever you get, you have to dress up as for Halloween. No second chances or trading with anyone, alright?"

Bolin rose his hand and shook it in the air, much like an elementary school student when they have something to say. "What if you pick your own name?"

Asami thought about this for a second. "In the event that you pick yourself, then you can try again. Any other questions?"

Everyone shook their heads at Asami, allowing her to ask who wanted to go first. Mako volunteered himself and reached his hand into the hat, moving his hand around multiple times until he grabbed a piece of paper. When he unfolded it, the first thing the group heard was a loud groan. "What? I got Asami?"

The room began the fill with laughter from his friends at the thought of Mako dressing up in girly outfits and makeup.

"Don't worry, Mako. I have plenty of outfits you can borrow. I think the evening gown will go great with your eyes."

As the group continued to laugh, Mako formed a huge frown across his face and proceeded to burn the paper with Asami's name on it in his hands.

"I'll go next," Korra said as her hand dived into the hat. After a few seconds, she reached her hand back out and quickly opened the paper. She knew that since Mako got Asami and that she couldn't go as herself, she was going to have to dress as one of the boys, but she didn't care.

"I got Bolin."

"Alright!" Bolin exclaimed as he threw his fist in the air. "My turn!"

Bolin excitedly dug his hand inside the hat, quickly grabbing one of the two papers left.

"Ah, sweet! I got you, Mako!"

"I guess that means I'm dressing up as you, Korra."

"Well, we better start getting ready. Sundown is in a couple hours."

"Well, I won't need any special help dressing up as Mako, but I can help you look like me."

"Okay, but right after, I have to help Asami look like me."

"Fine with me. Mako is going to need a LOT of attention when it comes to looking like me."

Mako made another frown. The group paired up in twos as Asami lead Mako's way to her bathroom.

In the closet right next to the bathroom, Asami pulled out her fancy, red evening gown and threw it on Mako. "You can start by trying to squeeze into this."

Asami left the room and shut the door behind her, waiting by it to hear if Mako was done.

"How do girls fit into stuff like this!" she heard from the other side of the wall. "Okay, I think I've got it on for the most part. I just need help zipping it up."

Asami opened the door again, Mako's bare back facing her. Holding back any amount of laughter, she zipped the dress up; almost a perfect fit.

"I think I should take this off, I think the seams are breaking."

Asami giggled at him. "Don't be ridiculous. Besides, I have two other dresses just like it. Now lets see what we can do with your hair.

Asami rushed out of the bathroom, and came back within seconds, holding a long, silky black wig. "Before my mom died, she bought a wig that looked just like her real hair. She wanted it in case her hair got too thin."

She placed the wig on top of Mako's head, adjusting it until it was perfect.

"Don't worry, all that's left is makeup."

Asami spent about a half hour applying foundation, mascara, eye shadow, blush, and lip stick on Mako's face, but finally, her work was down. She moved out of his way so he could see himself in the mirror.

"I look like a masculine version of you...but you did a good job. Thanks," Mako said as he rolled his eyes.

"I hope Mako doesn't mind me borrowing his cop uniform," Bolin announced as he looked at himself in the mirror of Mako's apartment.

Suddenly, Korra comes out of the bathroom. From head to toe, she is dressed in Bolin's usual attire, and even has his hairstyle done to perfection. Bolin stares at her in awe, amazed she pulled off his look so well.

"Wow, it's like looking in a mirror. Or at least it would be if I wasn't dressed up as Mako."

"Come on, we have to go back to Asami's place. I got to make her look like me."

"It's funny. All these years I thought it would've been you giving me the makeover, but instead, here I am making you look like me," Korra says as she pulled Asami's hair back.

"I know. Never once did I picture myself getting to look like you."

Korra puts a hair accessory in Asami's hair, finishing the look. Asami stands up, and looks over her whole outfit, dressed up in Korra's parka, sweatpants, boots and no makeup.

"Thanks, Korra. Now lets go see Mako."

"Come on out, Asami, you don't look that bad."

Mako said nothing.

"If you don't come out of there, I'm knocking this door down!"

"Okay fine!"

The door slowly opened as Mako insecurely presented his feminine looking self to his friends. At first they said nothing. Then, they all simultaneously fell to the floor, laughing at him again. Mako groaned louder than before and walked passed them angrily.

"Let's just go get our candy and get back here fast."

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