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1st January, 2014

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Because guess what movie I'm watching again? Also, super duper bored, and Tokka month starts today, so I'm working up the inspiration to start day one. Plus side is that I already have fics for days 2, 20 and 25 *shrugs* As another note, the name of this story is inspired by a test verse I did to see if I actually wanted to do this style. I'll put it down the bottom for anyone interested.


He does not see (oh why would he?)

That she can see further than he
And though tough and rough
No ounce of fluff

It is she who she wants him to see

They grow, they move, they make new lives

They build the world from nothing
In years' time
They spend a dime

Get drunk in several dives

As time goes on, friends they stay

Even as they drift
A house to live
But not her with

It would always be this way

Sick and ill, within her tum

The first time, she is afraid
Her secret kept
A chance she leapt

One last glass of rum

And then he sees who she will be

And who she was before
The softest word
An ailment cured

He once more had the key

For part of her was locked away

Hid'n from all and from herself
She knew 'twas there
But had never the care

– her feelings would betray

She came with cries and tears and smiles

The tiny little life
And little Lin
Together in

Their lives, they'd travelled miles

A staple was he, 'side her world

And in his so was she
They never said
Though made a pledge

Their love, it was unfurled

A story spanning quart-century

Of friendship, hope and grief
But when he kissed,
Her smile not missed

Her love; no longer need to bury

Test verse:
Swamps were swamps; no trick'ry here
– then why was he afraid?
He should not be scared
(Not his soul bared)
But still, he sheds a tear

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