Southern Water Tribe
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Trials of Tahno



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February 16, 2013

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Chapter 26

This is the epilogue of the series, Trials of Tahno.


Thirty six years ago.

"Wait here kiddo, I've got one more thing to take care of before we head home." Suo, or rather Tahno's uncle Goji says as he and a six year old Suo walk through the Southern Water Tribe Village, having arrived there to trade with the southern merchants. Goji heads inside, leaving Suo to fend for himself in the cold for a few minutes. He stands outside in his parka, wondering to himself how anyone could live in a place like this.

"Oh wow, what happened to you?" he hears a voice from behind him as a snowball is thrown at his head. He turns to see a young girl around his age, her skin dark like the other southerners. "Why are you so pale? It looks like an arctic leech sucked out all your blood." she says looking at him with her head slanted.

"Nothing's wrong with me. What's wrong with you, throwing that cold stuff at me?" he shouts, wiping the snow from his face.

"You mean the snow?" she says looking at him oddly.

"If that's what you cold people call it." he says as she bends the snow at him, covering him in it. "You're crazy." he shouts.

"No I'm the Ava..."

"A very annoying person. Yeah I got that already." he cuts her off.

"Well, your hair is stupid." She bends the snow again and hits him in the face with it.

"What are you some kind of snowbender?"

"No I'm a water-bender." she says as he looks confused. "Uh, snow is water made really really cold." she says slowly to him as she bends some and turns it into water.

"Cool." he says as she shows off her abilities. "Can you show me some of those tricks?" he asks.

"Uh, sure." she says as she guides him through some of the Southern tribe motions, watching him fumble through most. "Your not from around here are you?"

"Nope, where I come from my dad says I'm the best water-bender around." he brags to her.

"I'm pretty good myself. Wanna play?" she asks. "I can sure show you some new moves." she says as the two enjoy each other's company as she teaches him some new moves and they run around bending the snow and water as they get into all kinds of trouble, bending around the village. They end up chasing each other near the shore on ice boards the young girl has shown him how to make. Suo eventually loses control of his board and crashes into her as the two land in a snow bank. They stick their heads out, look at each other, and begin laughing.

"Hey what's your name?" he asks.

"Oh yeah, I'm Ko..." she is cut off as a man in a white and blue uniform takes her by the hand.

"There you are. You know you're supposed to stay with me when we're outside the compound."

"Oh Howl, we were just playing." she says.

"Well it's time to head back." he says as she pulls away from him and runs back to Suo.

"Aw, do you have to go already?" he asks.

"Yeah, I got to get back to training. But I'll see you again, promise." she says holding out her fist to him as he cringes. "No silly like this." she says as she grabs his hand, forming it into a fist and pushes it against hers. "Now it's a promise friend. We'll see each other someday. That's for sure." she says as she runs back to Howl and the two depart.

"Hey kiddo, what are you doing out here?" Goji asks as he runs over to Suo.

"Just playing uncle Goji, just playing." he says as he watches the feisty girl in the distance than looks down at his fist.

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