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Chapter 9
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Trials of Tahno



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December 28, 2012

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This is the ninth chapter of the series, Trials of Tahno.


Four years later.

"Hey I'm home." Tahno says as he enters a home just outside of Republic City. He sets his duffle bag from practice at the gym down as he walks through the house.

"Hey you." He hears from the hallway as he is greeted by a heavily pregnant Korra. She pulls him in and kisses him. "How was practice? How's the new replacement working out?"

"Well let's just say he'll be ready to fight a sea sponge with a few years practice. But hey, they'll just have to make due, because right now something else has my full attention." He says as he places his hand on her belly. "You hear that little guy, your already daddy's favorite."

"Speaking of which, I need to stop in town tomorrow to grab a few things for the baby's room."

"You don't need to be moving around so much in your condition. Just hand me the list and I'll take care of everything."

"Tahno I can take care of myself besides my mother's coming tomorrow anyway." Korra says rolling her eyes at the notion of her needing help.

"I know you can handle it honey, but I want you to relax, alright?"

"Fine, I'll take it easy if it'll make you stop worrying so much."

The next day Tahno gets up early to head out to run the errands. He gets up quietly so as not to wake Korra. After getting his clothes on he heads around back to the stable where his wife's polar bear-dog, Naga is sleeping. He attempts to grab her harness, only for the creature to wake and growl at him. "Seriously? We've leaved in the same house for four years and you still try to bite my head off?" he reaches into his side bag and grabs a piece of seal jerky and tosses it to the animal as she gobbles it down, then allows the water-bender to get into the saddle. Tahno truthfully hated riding the animal but since they didn't own a Satomobile, she was their only means of transportation. The two then set off for the city as Tahno barely holds on while she is in full gallop.

Meanwhile in the city several members of the Red Monsoon Triad are gathered. They move a sphere of water around to one another in a strange motion as each individual never moves the sphere to the person they did the last time around. "Why are we here?" one asks.

"Because the boss said so, that's why."

"Gentlemen, thank you for your patience." The division leader, Quan says as he steps down the alley the group is meeting in as the others greet him warmly. "Now I'm sure you're all aware of why we're here. It's because a certain former Wolf-bat captain, someone who blatantly ignored our warnings, is about to be a proud father any day now and we all want to make that day one he'll never forget don't we?" the men start to cheer and clap. "Here's the plane." As the group discusses their plot for revenge, Tahno and Naga are unaware of any happenings as they continue shopping run.

"I'll take two of those, and five of those." He says as he pays for some vegetables and other groceries.

"Tahno, hey Tahno." He looks up to see Bolin. "I thought you'd be at home with the little lady." He says as he greets the water-bender.

"I just had to pick up a few things for the baby, besides Senna is with her so she's in good hands."

Back at home Korra is trying to keep busy as she climbs a ladder, attempting to grab a plate on one of the shelves. "Korra sweety, why don't you relax? You need to take it easy." Senna urges.

"Mom, stop worrying, I'm the Avatar after all."

"No, you're a mother to be and the best thing you can do for the baby is slow down. Ever since you were a little girl you've always been so energetic. But trust me, some rest will do you and the baby some good."

"Alright mom, I ahh..." Korra screams out as she supports herself on the arm of a chair. Her mother rushes over to her.

"Korra, don't panic, we need to get you to the hospital. Where's Naga?"

"With...Tahno." She strains to say as she feels the contractions growing more painful. Just then comes a knock on the door as Shaozu and Ming come in with an assortment of gifts. "Guess what we brought? Everyone pitched in to get you oh," Ming's voice changes to a state of shock as he sees the scene. "This is a bad time isn't it?"

"You think!?" Korra lashes out as she is doubled over in pain.

"We need to get her to the hospital." Senna says helping her daughter up.

"We'll take my car." Shaozu says holding the keys.

Back in town two of the Triad members prepare their plan to get rid of the water-bender. They stand perched on top of an abandoned building as they watch him ride right in their path. "Okay you now the plan we get first crack at him to make it look like an unfortunate accident." The two see a steel beam suspended from a crane above the street and begin using their water-bending to cut through the cable as it hangs they prepare to watch the cable snap and the beam fall as the crane unexpectedly begins to move the beam over in their direction. "What the..." the cable then snaps dropping the heavy metal on the roof they are standing on causing it to give way as the two fall into the newly created hole. Tahno and the rest of the civilians look up to see the disturbance but doesn't give it a second thought as he heads on his way.

Meanwhile Shaozu puts the peddle to the metal as he drives as fast as he can to make it to the hospital with Korra in the back seat with her mother trying to calm her. "Move, get out of the way baby mama coming through." Shaozu yells as he almost hits several people as he screeches to a halt in front of the hospital. The group gets Korra inside as the staff quickly rushes her to a room. Senna joins her daughter in the room as Ming and Shaozu stand outside. "I gotta make a phone call, I suddenly miss my mother." Shaozu says as he walks off.

"Seriously, we've got to find Tahno and tell him Korra's in the hospital and let everyone else know." As Ming says this a reporter just happens to be in listening distance and rushes to a phone to call the papers. "That's right chief, the Avatar is in labor. We'll need everyone down here now."

Across town blissfully unaware Tahno rides Naga to their next stop as he walks into a shop as the polar bear-dog lies outside. The next three Triad members stick their heads out from under a man hole cover. "Get down. It doesn't work with all three of us up here." The leader shouts. "Just stick it in the bag and be done with it. Once that polar bear-dog gets a whiff of this powder it'll go into a frenzy and tear his face off." The leader says laughing maniacally. "Now hand me the bag." He says as he dives back down into the hole.

"Uh, we don't have it. We thought you did." The three hear a snarling sound to see a large pack of wolf-bats tearing the bag open then turning their attention to the three. "Uh-oh." They attempt to flee via the man hole, only to find that Naga has rolled over on it trapping them as they scream and bang on the cover. The hustle and bustle of the city above prevents anyone from hearing them as Tahno comes out of the shop with a bag and gets back on Naga and rides off, no sound coming from the tunnel but the howls of the wolf-bats.

Back at the hospital Ming is on the phone in the hall calling everyone he can think of to let them know about Korra. Just then one of the doctors is thrown through the door by an air blast from Korra as Senna does all she can to calm her. "Uh, yes Councilman Tenzin, I would say she's doing just find. I'll see you all when you get here." Ming says as he hangs up the phone.

"Get this kid out of me!" Korra shouts as it reverberates through the building.

While down stairs Shaozu's call to his mother has blown into an all-out argument. "Your father went out of his way to pay for those tsungi horn lessons." His mother shouts over the phone.

"I hated those lessons! I wanted to be a pro-bender my whole life but you just couldn't let me have it could you mom! You just couldn't stand to see me happy."

"Alright Naga, that's everything, what do you say we head home?" Tahno asks the animal as she licks his face. "Yeah, Korra's probably waiting for us." just then a Satomobile skids to a stop inches from the two, Asami Sato at the wheel with Bolin in the back seat.

"Tahno, why aren't you at the hospital?" she asks

"Why, what happened?" he asks as she shows him a news paper with the breaking news front page reading: "Avatar Korra in Labor in Republic City Hospital". Tahno jumps up immediately onto Naga. "Let's go." he says as they head toward the hospital. They race down the road only to come upon a construction site in the middle of the road. A detour forces them down an alley way. The workers stop and watch as they leave, revealing themselves to be the Red Monsoons gang that survived the sewer incident covered in bandages and bruises. The three quickly follow them. Tahno and the others reach the end of the alley only to find a dead end.

"Dead end, wow those construction guys really need to pay attention where their directing people." Bolin says as they turn around to see the five Triad members blocking their way out. The gang doesn't appear too menacing with all their injuries from the earlier attempts.

"Well I have to say, you're a hard man to pin down Tahno. I had really hoped to do this quick and clean, but it seems we have to get down and dirty on this one." Quan says as he steps forward. He motions his men and they move through the water-bending motions revealing that the trash cans in the alley are filled with water.

"I don't have time for this. I'm about to be a dad." Tahno says prepared to counter the group's attacks. He looks over his shoulder as Bolin and Asami stand next to him ready to fight. "We've got your back Tahno." Asami assures him as the attacks begin to fly. Tahno easily seizes control of the water from one of the members as he uses it to freeze him against a wall. Asami dodges a wave of water by running along a wall, landing behind the Triad member and using her electric glove to shock him into submission. Bolin raises an earth wall and pushes it forward blocking the water and forces the three remaining members on the defensive. Quan launches himself over the wall and aims at Tahno only to be intercepted and knocked into a wall by Naga. "Good girl." Tahno says as the other Triad members launch another flurry of attacks. Quan gets up unseen and, reaching into his jacket he pulls out a round explosive, lights the fuse and prepares to throw it only to be hit by the last two members of the Red Monsoons defeated by the group, causing the explosive to fly into the air and land on the ledge of a building.

"Come on, we need to get to Korra." Asami says as she and Bolin get back to the car and Tahno jumps back onto Naga.

As they leave Quan sits up and looks around rubbing his head. "This day couldn't get any worse." as he says this the bombs rolls off the ledge and lands in his lap as the fuse sinks inside. "Oh crud." he says closing his eyes.

As the group finally reach the hospital they are met by Tenzin and his family, including his siblings Kaya and Bumi, who have also just arrived. "Where's Korra?" Tahno says as they enter the building where Ming is waiting for them. "This way." he says as the group follow him. The group run right past Shaozu, who is still yelling over the phone. Ikki stops as everyone else leaves.

"Listen mom it's my..." he is interrupted as Ikki snatches the phone from him.

"Stop yelling at my future husband!" she says as Shaozu is stands frozen.

"And my life's over." he says to himself as Ikki continues the conversation.

"Shaozu is the nicest, smartest, handsome guy in the world. He's the most talented fire-bending pro-bender I know. He cares about how I feel and I love him for who he is. So why can't you?" she listens for a few moments as Shaozu sweats nervously. "Here you go." she says as she hands him the phone.


Upstairs the others sit in the waiting room as Tahno sits next to Korra with Senna oat her side in her room. Korra holds their newborn baby girl in her arms as she looks over at her husband. "Hey Tahno." she motions for him to come closer, and as he complies, she head butts him. "That's for being late and for making me go through all this."

He stands up rubbing his head. "Given." he says choosing not to tell her about the days events. She lets him take the baby in his arms as he rocks her back and forth. "Hey there."

"Have you two decided on a name?" his mother-in-law asks.

"We hadn't really thought about it like that. Hmm, how about Sakari, like grandma?" Korra suggests.

"How about it, little Sakari?" Tahno says as the infant wraps her small fingers around his. "Sakari it is."

Out in the hall Shaozu is still on the phone, crying. "Alright mom, I'll talk to you soon. Yes, I love you too, bye." he hangs up the phone rubbing the tears from his eyes as Ikki stands behind him. He turns to see her and looks confused for a moment. He's entirely certain the girl helped him out of some misplaced affection, but he was grateful all the same. "Thanks Ikki."

"No problem, let's go see the baby." she says as they meet everyone in the waiting room.

"How is she?" Mako asks

"I think we're going to be okay." Shaozu says

"Not you and your creepy mommy relationship, Korra." Ming says.

"Why don't you come see for yourselves." Tahno interrupts, standing in the doorway. "We can have a few at a time but the doctors want Korra to rest." he says as Mako, Bolin, and Asami go first. He stops Asami for a moment. "Thanks for the help earlier, could we hold off telling Korra for a while I don't think she needs the extra excitement." he whispers to her as she silently nods. The group head back to see Korra as Tahno takes in a deep breath. He wasn't sure what all the business with the water-bender was about, but for right now he decides to relax and enjoy the day.

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