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Chapter 4
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Trials of Tahno



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December 14, 2012

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This is the fourth chapter of the series, Trials of Tahno.


The next day on Air Temple Island Korra is deep in meditation with Tenzin and his children. She finds it is much easier now than it was before she reached out to her spiritual half. Tahno then emerges, walking down the path to the small gazebo. "Pardon me. Sorry to interrupt but," he says as the group end the session to address him. Ikki instantly jumps up and lands in his arms, kissing him on the cheek several times.

"I missed you, did you miss me? You did, didn't you? Do you want to go on a date?" the young air bender says in rapid succession.

Tahno gives her a bright smile. "Hey Ikki, how's my favorite girl? Jinora, Meelo, Councilman Tenzin." He nods to the three as he sets down Ikki.

"Good to see you again Tahno. Is something wrong?" Tenzin inquires.

"Actually yes, I came to see if I could speak with Korra, that is if she's not needed here."

"Tenzin?" Korra asks with puppy-turtle eyes.

Tenzin lets out a deep sigh. "Alright, we'll get back to it when you return. The two walk off. As they do Ikki blows a kiss in Tahno's direction, causing him to let out a sigh as well.

"So what did you need Tahno?" she asks noticing the look of desperation in his face. "Is everything alright?"

As they continue to walk down the road Tahno stops dead in his tracks. "It seems I find myself in the position of asking for your help again Avatar. I met someone last night that wants the Wolfbats to lose the opening match to the Skunk-Bears." "Why would they want that? You guys are great."

"That's the point. They'll be a lot of people betting on us to take out the rookies. They want us to lose to stack the deck in their favor so they win big." "They want to make a killing in the betting rings. So they threatened you guys. Don't worry I'll have a little chat with these guys." The Avatar says pounding her fist into her palm.

"No, don't! Listen, they didn't threaten the others, just me."

"Why you?"

"Because, this is really hard to talk about, but I have a secret, something I've never told anyone in this city."

"What is it, if you don't mind my asking?"

"We'll It's my family."

"Did something happen to them?"

"No nothing like that but, well, I've been thinking it's time for me to get my affairs in order. I'm taking a little trip out of the city and I was hoping that you'd..."

"Of course I'll come with you Tahno. That's what friends are for." Tahno almost falls over when he hears that word "friends", but lets it go realizing there are more important matters at hand.

"Great, I'll be leaving tomorrow afternoon so be ready."

"Alright see you then Tahno." She says as the two bow and part ways. The next day the two meet at the docks and set off on the first leg of their journey on the ship. A days travel later they reach a dock in a small town and depart the ship. "We'll this place isn't so bad. So where does your family stay?" "Oh no, we're not there just yet." Tahno says as he flags over someone who was waiting for him. "Hey Fong."

"Hey buddy, haven't seen you in a while. I was surprised to hear from you." "Yeah a lot's been going on. Oh, this is Korra."

"Nice to meet you." she says politely.

"Nice to meet you Avatar, so you two ready to head out?" he asks as the two hop into his truck and they head out of town. After about an hour or so of traveling down the open fields of the Earth Kingdom's vast landscape they reach a large grove of vegetation as the truck stops. "Alright folks, end of the line."

"Here?" Korra asks puzzled.

"Yup, thanks Fong." Tahno says as he hops out of the truck.

"No problem, and don't be a stranger round here okay?" Fong says as he drives off. Tahno leads the way as they penetrate the thick foliage into the marshy area. As they continue they reach a wall of vines that blocks their path.

"Stand back." The Wolfbat says as he moves in an odd water bending form Korra doesn't recognize and the vines move to his commands, allowing the two to pass. "How'd you do that?" Korra says in amazement.

"I just bent the water in the vines."

"Wow, where'd you learn that?"

"It runs in the family." He says as they reach a large open area with huts all around. Tahno puts his hands over his mouth and lets out a loud howling sound. Korra gives him an odd look. "What was that?"

"Just letting the family know I'm home." He says as dozens of people emerge seemingly out of nowhere, shouting and cheering. To Korra they seem very strange, the men and women all wearing green loincloths and leaves on their heads. A large group of them gather around Tahno patting him on the back and messing up his hair. He looks over at a very surprised Korra. "What can I say? I've been away from home a lot longer than I thought."

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