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Chapter 3
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Trials of Tahno



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December 14, 2012

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This is the third chapter of the series, Trials of Tahno.


Two months later.

Tahno is standing with the large group of workers who have been a part of the city's rebuilding efforts. As he stands among theme he sees several people take the stage in front of the group. He spots the city council, including the newly elected Northern Water Tribe representative, a young woman who, too many of the men in the crowd is a welcome change from Tarrlok. He also spots the reinstated Chief of police, Lin Bei Fong. But the one person that catches his eye, Avatar Korra is standing next to her air bending teacher. He tenses up as he can't stand the fact that he has been unable to tell her how he feels as well as the fact that he hasn't been able to make his move on account of Mako.

As he ponders his thoughts Chief Bei Fong takes the podium, speaking over the mic to the crowd. "We'd like to start by commending all of you who have given their time and energy in the rebuilding efforts. There is a great deal more to be done in the city in the wake of Amon's revolution, but I feel confident that we are close to returning to our normal lives. And at the request of the council I would like to announce that we are establishing a special board for the benefit of all the city's citizens, both benders and non-benders, so that no one's needs are neglected." The speech goes on but Tahno could care less as he focuses on the Water Tribe girl. The proceedings finally finish as the large crowd clap and after a few minutes disperse. Tahno notices Korra talking to an older man with grey hair and a similarly colored beard. He notices the fire bender is not around and decides to make his move.

"How's it going Avatar? I was hoping to get a chance to talk to you." he says with a sly smile.

"Oh hey Tahno, it was great seeing you again Gommu, talk to you later." She says as the older man says his goodbyes. "So what did you need, I haven't seen you around for a while. And Ikki can't stop talking about you for some reason."

Tahno chuckles with a bit of disappointment in his voice. "Yeah, it seems she's really taken a liking to me. I uh, just wanted to thank you again for taking down Amon. I and a lot of other people are sleeping a lot better now that he's not around."

"Well between you and me, I'd sleep better if we had him in chains instead of on the loose somewhere." She says as she looks to the ground in shame for letting Amon, or rather Noatak escape.

"Hey, don't beat yourself up about it. He can't run forever, anyway even if he is still loose everyone knows who he is, and more important, they know what he is. If not for you there'd be a lot less benders in this world." He says reassuringly as he places his hand on her shoulder.

"Thanks pretty boy. That means a lot." She says as she looks up at him with a bright smile. Before anything else can be said the two are interrupted by a loud voice.

"Tahno, hey Tahno." Shaozu says as he rushes up behind the water bender. He then spots Korra as a visibly annoyed Tahno turns to him. "Oh, uh ahem, I just got a call from Ming. They've decided to reopen the Pro-bending arena and they want us to play an exhibition match at the grand reopening in two weeks."

"That's great, congratulations you guys." Korra says excitedly. "So who are you playing against?"

"The Si Wong Skunk-Bears, this is their premiere in the league." The fire bender says.

"They better appreciate the spot light while they can, because once we're done with them the Capital City Cat-Gator's will put up more of a fight." Tahno says, slipping back into his cocky characteristics.

"Well I should let you guys get going. You probably have a lot of training to do. See you guys at the reopeining." Korra says as she walks of.

Tahno and Shaozu stand side to side looking forward. "Did I just ruin the perfect moment?" the fire bender asks.

"Yes, yes you did."

"I should probably start running now huh?"

"Yes, yes you should." Shaozu takes off in the opposite direction of his captain. As Tahno sighs about his current situation he is bumped into by a man wearing a long coat whose face is covered by a large hat. "Hey watch it pal." He looks down to notice an envelope with his name on it. He opens it and reads the letter inside which reads: "Meet me at Central City Station tonight at 11 sharp at terminal 3. Don't be late." Tahno tucks the letter away and heads for home.

After a night of intensive training with his team, Tahno says his goodbyes and heads for the station. As he approaches terminal 3 he spots a man in the corner of the area with the collar of his coat covering his face. "I expect you have a good reason for calling me out here at this hour. I hope it's not for an autograph, 'cause that'll cost you fifteen Yuan." The man laughs at the notion. "Something funny?"

"Just wondering if everyone where you come from is so cocky."

"What do you mean where I come from?" Tahno says a bit surprised.

"Let's just say we did a little digging and found out some interesting history on you, history that I'm sure your fans would find rather interesting."

"What do you want?"

"Straight to the point I like that. So here's the thing, the Skunk-Bears are new, fresh talent and my employer wants to give them the best start possible. There's a lot of money riding on this exhibition match and the Wolfbats are the favorites to win. So here's the deal: You and your boys throw the match, and no one ever finds out about your little history lesson. Don't, and well let's just see how many fans you have after they learn your secret. Your choice kid." He says as he pushes a stunned Tahno to the side and exits.

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