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December 9, 2012

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This is the second chapter of the series, Trials of Tahno.


The next day Tahno and his team are back at work on the island as he proposes his plan to his friends holding a large bouquet of flowers. "Alright boys, todays the day I do the unthinkable, I go after a girl instead of the usual process."

"Yeah, girls usually throw themselves at you, but seriously, are you sure about this? There are plenty of other fish in the sea." Ming says as he and Shaozu head toward their assignment for the day.

"Of course there are. But Korra's special. I can't explain it but, there's something different about her, and I don't plan on letting her be the one that got away." Tahno says confidently, taking in a breath of the flowers as he walks off.

"Twenty Yuan says he doesn't get her by the end of the day," Shaozu wagers.

"Double says he doesn't even reach the door," Ming says humorously.

Tahno walks confidently down the pathway and spots Korra entering the women's dormitory. He stealthily follows her inside, losing sight of her as he enters. He walks around the corner and sees a door slide shut. "Alright Uh-vatar, prepare yourself." He says quietly as he moves over to the door, knocking first then swiftly swings the door open and stands confidently, only to be greeted by Councilman Tenzin's wife Pema, who is holding her infant son Rohan. The two stand in stunned silence for a moment before shear embarrassment compels the water bender to speak. "Oh, uh Ms. Pema ma'am I was just uh, coming to uh, thank you and Councilman Tenzin for allowing us the um, opportunity here on this lovely island and thank you and the acolytes for providing those delicious meals every day. So I'll just leave this here and get back to work." He says as he places the flowers down on a table and heads out as quickly as possible.

"Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!" Ming and Shaozu laugh hysterically as Tahno, having arrived back several minutes ago, sits next to them as they work on handing materials to some of the other workers. "Oh man, I can only imagine the look on your face."

"Yeah, yeah, he was probably all like this." Shaozu says stretching his face out narrowly like Tahno's with his mouth hanging open as Ming continues to laugh at the expression.

"Alright, knock it off." He says as he comes up behind them and punches the two in the back of the head. "I may be down but Tahno is never out." He says as he presents another batch of flowers, even more extravagant than the last and heads off. He spots Korra again, this time headed toward the training area. She vanishes behind a rock as he slips around the edge and sees a shadow around the corner.

"Alright, Tahno, this is it. Don't blow, it just act and she's all yours." He says to himself as he jumps out presenting the flowers. He opens his eyes in horror to see not Korra, but her teammates Mako and Bolin. The pause this time is even longer than before as the three stare with no words being spoken. "I-uh, thought I'd come by to...give you these as...a peace offering hope there's no hard feelings about the tournament and such, hope to see you in the ring, bye." He says dashing off as fast as he can, leaving the brothers looking at the flowers he left behind.

"Well that was nice of him." Bolin says happily.

"Oh-my-gosh, you're terrible at this." Shaozu says laughing as he and Ming take their shots at their leader, who sits dejectedly in the corner as they eat lunch. He then jumps up smashing the fire bender's face in his food. He then walks off with yet another, larger bouquet.

"Well, there he goes again. Sixty Yuan says he blows it epically," Ming said. "You're on." Shaozu says, licking the food from his face.

This time Tahno spots the Avatar headed toward the meditation area and stays close so as not to lose her again. He tip-toes around the side of a huge boulder and takes in a deep breath. "No more misfires, time to tell her how you really feel. No holding back." he jumps out, bent on one knee, the flowers pushed fully forward as he opens up. "I love you. I've loved you from the first moment I laid eyes on you. I know I may act like a jerk sometime but deep down I'm a great guy and I know we'd be perfect together. You gave me new reason to live and no matter what happens, I'll always love you. I love you and I always want to be with you!" he opens his eyes as the huge smiles on his face quickly fades as he sees Tenzin and his children in front of him seated for meditation with no sign of Korra. "I should go." He says flatly and weakly as he places the flowers down and quietly walks away.

He arrives back with his friends who laugh even louder this time. "The old man really is patient if he didn't blast you off the cliff." Ming says as he and Shaozu joke back and forth as the three board the boat to the mainland.

"Ah, shut-up." Tahno says as he leans on the railing overlooking the sea as the boat begins to disembark. Just then they spot a figure in the sky approaching the ship.

"It's a bird." Ming says.

"It's an Equalist aircraft!" Shaozu says as he ducks for cover. The figure then lands on the boat. It is none other than the Councilman's second daughter Ikki. "Oh, no wait it's just that air bender kid." He says as he stands back up, a bit embarrassed.

The girl runs over to Tahno and jumps into his arms and kisses him on the cheek as he stands confused. "Yes, yes, yes." She says constantly.

"Uh, yes what?" Tahno asks.

"I will marry you." she says with a bright smile. "I really, really, really like you too and think you'd make a really good husband. Do you think I'd make a great wife? You must or else you wouldn't have said it. Daddy says I have to wait till I'm older. Then we can get married in a huge temple and live in a floating castle in the sky and live happily forever and ever and ever." She says excitedly not even taking a breath.

"Uh yeah, great." Tahno says stumbling over his words.

"Well I have to go now. Until we meet again my love." She says as she blows him a kiss and flies back to the island on her glider.

Tahno looks over at his teammates. "Not a word." He then falls to his knees.

"What're you going to do now?" Shaozu asks.

"Only one thing he can do, wait and hope she either forgets or she mellows with age." Ming retorts laughing.

"One more word out of either of you." The water bender says now clearly fed up with them. The three look back at the island as they see the young air bender waving goodbye to her 'love'. Shaozu and Ming decide to get one more in by making kissing sounds. "That's it, I warned you!" the water bender leaps on both of them as the other passengers watch the struggle on the way back to Republic City.

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