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This is the eleventh chapter of the series, Trials of Tahno.


Three years later

Inside the pro-bending arena two opponents stand alone in the empty building as they circle each other in the arena center, both dressed in training uniforms. The first makes his move throwing a single jab of his right motioning a stream of water at the opponent. The target dodges the attack moving slightly to the side then jumps back to dodge a shot coming from under his chin. He motions forward to counterattack only for his opponent to perform a sweeping maneuver with the water that knocks him off his feet then shoots a jet of water that knocks him out of the circle.

"You okay Pretty Boy?" Korra takes her helmet off to help her opponent up.

"Alright you win. Nine years of redoes and you still win the tie breaker." Tahno removes his helmet as he accepts her hand. The two had made this their little anniversary event since they were married.

"Happy anniversary Tahno." she says kissing him as he gets up. "Let's get going, everyone's waiting for us. And how about tonight I give you some private lessons." she whispers in his ear as he grins.

The two ride on Naga as they make their way to the Sato estate. They enter the large backyard of the mansion where all their friends are waiting. "Happy anniversary!" they all shout as everyone claps and the two start mingling. "Mommy, daddy." the couple see their five year old daughter Sakari run towards them with her two-and-a-half year old brother Nilak closely behind.

"Hey there guys, have you been good for your aunt Asami?" Korra says lifting up the two and kissing them both. She then sets them down as Sakari runs off, Nilak on the other hand stays close by his mother.

Tahno walks around and sees Shaozu with his back turned and a woman on his arm. "Shaozu." his former teammate turns around as Tahno now identifies the woman as seventeen year old Ikki. "Well this is a surprise."

"Hey Tahno, how have you been buddy?" Shaozu asks him.

"Pretty good, haven't seen you in a while."

"Ikki, do you mind if me and Tahno catch up?"

"Okay, I'll be over at the table over there, I might grab some snacks, do you want anything? What do you like? I bet you like dumplings. I'll just grab you some of everything." she says walking away.

"Now that's really a surprise." Tahno says as he watches her walk off.

"I know what you're thinking, but we kind of hit it off and Tenzin is cool with it as long as we follow the proper traditions of the Air Nomads."

"Well congratulations then, you've finally got a girl."

"More like she got me."

"Hey Korra." Bolin says from behind her, standing with his new girlfriend, Nara.

"Hey Bolin, Nara. You guys enjoying the party?"

"Are we ever." Nara says, then looks down at Nilak as he holds tight to his mothers leg. "Hey there little fella." he moves behind Korra.

"Come on Nilak, don't be so shy." Korra than thinks for a moment. "Do you have any lip stick?" she asks as Nara reaches into her bag and hands it to Korra, she in turn gives it to Nilak "Do that thing you do that mommy likes." he runs off and finds Ming sleeping in a lawn chair. He opens the lip stick case and carefully draws what look like kiss marks on the sleeping earth-bender's cheeks and then finally puts it across his lips. He then runs back to the three and hands it back to Nara hugging her leg as she looks confused. "Why did he do that?" she asks

Moments later Ming's wife, Sasame walks over to him and looks down at his face. She than throws her drink in his face, giving him a rude awakening as he falls out of the chair. "What, what I do?" he asks as she walks off furiously and he chases after her.

Korra and the other two laugh as Nilak jumps for joy. "That is brilliant. He's obviously been taking lessons from his uncle Bolin." Bolin says, giving himself a pat on the back. In the distance Korra spots Mako standing by himself. "If you'll excuse me you two." She makes her way over to the fire-bender as he looks off in the distance. "Hey Mako." she says happily.

"Korra." he says flatly not looking in Korra's direction.

"Come on Mako, just talk to me. We're friends right?"

"Sorry Korra, I just remember when we were more than that."

"Listen, I'm really sorry about what happened between us, but I made a choice and moved on, and I really hope you will too." the two are interrupted by Asami's butler.

"Ms. Korra there is a call for you from a Mr. Song."

"Alright thank you. I'll talk to you later?" she asks as Mako gives a silent nod with a light smile. She heads inside and answers the phone. "Hello."

"Korra it's Song, I called to let you know we've finally made some headway. All three Triads have agreed to meet my people for talks in negotiating a truce." Song was a well known philanthropist who had established himself over the years following Amon's defeat. He had made it his goal to rid the city of the crime that had run rampant and, like many others was fed up with the innumerable amount of civilians caught in the crossfire of rival gangs.

"That's great." she says.

"Yes, and I want you to be my guest tonight for the evenings events. I can assure you it will be a night not soon to be forgotten."

"Alright I'll see you tonight." she then heads back out to the party, walking over to Tahno.

"What is it?" Tahno asks.

"Rain check for tonight? I have some business to take care of."

"What could be so important? Oh, him again." her husband says annoyed. Ever since Song had approached Korra with his grand ideas, it always seemed that she was away more and more. "Well can't you just miss one night?"

"I wish I could but this is important." she says as their argument quickly escalates.

"It's always important, every time it's something important. I'm starting to wonder which one of us you actually married."

"Please Tahno, can we not do this now." she says as Tahno abruptly leaves the yard and walks out. "Where are you going?"

"Anywhere but here." He passes Naga as he leaves. The polar bear dog growls at him. "Get in line mutt."

Korra walks to the side away from everyone else as she wipes her eyes. She then feels a hand on her shoulder. She looks back and sees Asami. "Are you okay?"

"I don't know. Maybe Tahno's right, maybe I have been spending too much time with Song. I know I've been taking my responsibilities more importantly, but have I been neglecting him and the kids?"

"You know that's not true Korra. You do all you can for them."

"Have I? I've barely been home for the last three months. I mean, this is important and all, but I don't want to lose them. I just don't know what to do."

"Go tonight if you think it's important. I'll watch Sakari and Nilak. Tell Song you want to take some time to spend with the family. Get out of the city and just forget about all this for a while. It'll do you all good."

Korra wipes the tears from her eyes and smiles. "Thanks Asami."

"Hey what are friends for?"

Korra then walks over to the kids and gives them a hug. "You two be good until I get back alright?"

"Mommy, what's wrong?" Sakari asks.

"Nothing sweety, daddy's just being an idiot is all."

"The kind you like?"

"No, not this time."

That night Korra is at home getting dressed up for the nights events. She is alone in the house and has no idea where Tahno is. She finishes her preparations and hears the horn of a Satomobile. She heads out and sees Song waiting for her. "You look lovely tonight Avatar Korra."

"Thanks." she says staring out the window.

"Are you alright?"

"Huh, oh yes, I was just thinking, it's nothing. So where are we going?"

"We're headed to the industrial district. The Triads are meeting in one of the factories owned by my company, a neutral point for all three groups."

Across town, Tahno gets into a taxi and flops down on the seat. "Where to pal?" the driver asks.

"Anywhere with drinks." he says as the two see a man banging heavily on the window. "Occupied." Tahno shouts as he continues. The water-bender notices the man is clutching his side and can see red seeping through his shirt. He opens the door as the man stumbles in. As he closes the door he sees several men running down the road. "Drive!" the taxi driver complies as the cab takes off down the road, leaving the men standing on the corner. Tahno looks closer and recognizes the victim. "Hey, I know you. Yeah that replacement water-bender, Hasem."

"It's Hasook!" he shouts, stopping as he clutches his side.

"Whatever, listen I don't know what this is about but we're getting you to the hospital."

"No! No hospital, I need to see Lin Bei Fong. Avatar Korra needs her help." he says moving in and out of consciousness.

"What are you talking about? What happened to Korra?" Tahno says grabbing him by his collar.

"" Tahno has the driver stop the car as he steps out to crack a hydrant releasing the water, putting it around his hands to heal the wound as Hasook regains some of his senses.

"Now what about Korra?"

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