Korra and Tahno
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Trials of Tahno



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December 9, 2012

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This is the first chapter of the series, Trials of Tahno.


"" Ming says as he hammers a nail into the roof of a building on Air Temple Island. After the Equalists' defeat two months ago there was plenty of work and repairs that needed to be done. He was joined by his fellow Wolfbats, Shaozu, and of course the team captain, Tahno.

"Well, you better get used to it, because until they fix up the arena we're gonna be doing lame jobs like this for the foreseeable future." Tahno says as he attempts to smash a nail in, it being extremely clear that manual labor was not their forte. All around the three workers are laboring tirelessly to complete the work, not just on the island, but across Republic City. As they continue they hear the lunch bell ring.

"Woo-hoo, it's lunch time." Shaozu shouts as he heads toward the ladder to the ground. "I got to hand it to those air acolytes, they know good food."

"Yeah, except the whole no meat thing. What's up with that, right Tahno?" Ming says as their leader gives no response. "Tahno?" the two look up to see him staring off in the distance. They turn their heads to see Avatar Korra with her friends walking up the stairs to the lunch area. Among them, Shaozu and Ming can clearly see Asami Sato, the beautiful daughter of Hiroshi Sato, the man, outside of Amon, that they held responsible for their bending being taken away. Fortunately for them the Avatar was able to restore them along with every other victim of the masked man. They then witness Tahno head down the ladder with more speed than they have ever seen him move as he heads toward the group.

"Check it out, the boss is getting back in the groove." Shaozu says chuckling "Yeah, I mean who could blame him? Asami is the most drop dead gorgeous girl I've ever seen. If it wasn't Tahno, I'd totally earthbend him into a sink hole and make my move."

"I hear that." Shaozu says as the two watch him. They are completely surprised when he walks right passed Asami to talk to Korra.

"Hey there...Tahno." Korra says, surprised that the obnoxious Wolfbat captain is talking to her at all.

"Hey their Uh-vat...Korra." He finds it strange to not call her by the little mocking name he made up for her and addressing her by her name. "I-well me and the guys just wanted to thank you again for, you know giving us back our bending and all and if you're ever up for a rematch."

He finds himself cut off by the Fire Ferret captain, Mako as he puts his arm around Korra with a smile. "We'll consider it."

"As long as there's no more icing, illegal headshots, or any other foul play we are in!" Mako's annoying brother Bolin says as he jumps up with joy.

"Maybe, I mean I really need to focus on refining my airbending before I step back in the ring. Thanks for the offer though," Korra says.

"Now, if you'll excuse us, I've worked up an appetite bigger than a lion turtle." The earthbending brother says as the group heads out. Tahno bows his head in embarrassment, something he rarely ever showed. Ming walks next to him and makes a whistling sound then makes a small explosion noise at the end. "Bombed!" he says laughing. "And seriously, the Avatar, out of all girls on the planet you can get?"

"Yeah, I doubt she's worth it," Shaozu chimes in.

"Oh she's worth it. Gentlemen, I vow that before this day is done, she will be mine." Tahno says as he raises his arm dramatically.

"But we can still have lunch, right?" Shaozu says, ruining the entire scene.

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