Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Trials and Tribulations: The Eternal Confederation of the Fire Nation in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Trials and Tribulations: The Eternal Confederation of the Fire Nation
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The Legend of Korra


In 189 AG the people of the Fire Nation wanted a change. In 190 AG, the current Fire Lord split the nation into five prefectures. The five prefectures stood as separate countries within the Fire Nation, they created their own government structures and elected their own officials to rule their prefectures. Though, they all remained loosely ruled by the Fire Lord.

In 194 AG, the Central Prefecture's government began to get worried that the rapidly growing population in their prefecture would cause their already massive cities to be forced to grow even more. Their largest city, and capital, sat between two rivers. Their capital crushes Republic City in size and population, only to be beaten by Ba Sing Se; and the Triad City, that sits on three prefectures, is growing just as rapidly.

In 194-7 AG, a mountain range in the southern Earth Kingdom was discovered to be filled with the natural resources the Central Prefecture needed. Towns in the area surrounding the mountains became cities, notably Gaoling, and Tu Zin village was reborn into a shipping town. The Central Prefecture secretly began development of an aircraft base, with the help of the Southern Prefecture who lent them and island far off the coast of the Fire Nation.

In 198-9 AG, The Central Prefecture has began scouting the southern Earth Kingdom with phony Earth Kingdom aircraft.

In 199 AG, the Earth Kingdom warns the Fire Nation that they will attack their scouters if they don't stop. The Northern Prefecture warns the Central Prefecture that if they invade the Earth Kingdom they'll be at war with them.


Ruz - 19 (In 199 AG) Son of Iroh II and (Yet to be named). Lives in a palace on the shores of the Northern Prefecture.

Nummi - 25 (In 199 AG) Daughter of one of the original Elite Trio, and current member of it. She comes from a long line of Southern Water Tribe heritage, though she has lived in the Fire Nation her entire life.

Guun - 23 (In 199 AG) Son of a Commander in both the United Forces and Earth Kingdom. His father was killed protecting trading ships from pirates in 195 AG, who attacked ships due to the increased trade between the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom. He was trained in earthbending and metalbending by his father and joined the United Forces prior to his fathers death. The Southern Water Tribe approached him to join the Elite Trio in 196 AG, and he accepted. He feels he must outdo his father and tries to at every chance.

Korra - 46 (In 199 AG) dealing with civil unrest in Be Sing Se, which began when the southern end of the Earth Kingdom was getting richer while Ba Sing Se was in a standstill.


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