Trial Part 1
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ATLA:Rebuilding The Foundation's


One:Familia De Zuko



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Firelord Avatar Suzon



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August 8 2011

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Trial Part 2

Trial Part One

Zuko was getting Messenger Hawks left and right.

Firelord Zuko,

Immediatly remove your forces from our land

Earth King Kuei

Fire Lord Zuko,

Get your ships out of our territory, or face eratication of them all

Chief Arnook

What? No ships or forces were supposed to be in any nation, Zuko thought. "I'm gonna kill, you Qin!" Zuko shouts.

Fire Nation Forces,

Immediatly return to Fire Nation Territory


Fire Lord Zuko

Qin walks in to the War Room.

"Qin, look what you've done," Zuko says.

"I'm sorry, my Lord," Qin said, smirking.

"That's the fifth time this month you've almost started a war," Zuko says.

"It won't happen agains" Qin says.

"Very well," Zuko says. "I have an important Post-War Meeting to attend."

"Good day, my Lord," Qin says.


Dear Princess Azula,

Your Trial for War Crimes Is In Three Days. Prepare And Bring Your Lawyer


Fire Nation Post War Council

"Guard, call Azulith," Azula demands.

"Yyyes, Princess," the guard stutters.

Dear Azulith,

Princess Azula is to attend a trial

and wants you to represent her.


Guard Kuzo.

Three Days Later

"Azula, may you introduce, your defense," Judge Zhi said.

"This is my lawyer, Azulith," Azula says.

Zuko's jaw dropped. "Oh no," Zuko whispers to Aang.

"What's wrong?" Aang replies.

"He is the best lawyer in the Fire Nation, a Strong supporter of Ozai's also," Zuko says.

"Oh," Aang says.

20 Minutes Later

"Azulith, please call forth your witness," Zhi says.

"I call forth Avatar Aang," Azulith says.

"Is it or is it not true that Azula chased you around the Earth Kingdom?" Azulith asks.

"It is true," Aang says.

"And during this time, did she seem crazy?" Azulith asks.

"Yes, bu....." Aang says.

"No furthermore," Azuith says.

"How does the jury find the defendent?" Zhi asks

"Not guilty under mental plea," the jurer says.

"Azula, you are sentenced to 2 1/2 weeks in Fire Nation Mental Rehabilitation hospital," Zhi says.

"No!!" Zuko says

"She deserves worse," Aang says.

"Agreed," Zhi says.

"But the jury fairly decided."

The End


  • This episode is reminiscent of "Avatar Day" in ATLA.


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