By Gingalover Part of the Ginga Densetsu Avatar continuity.
Tree Of Life
Tree Of Life
Physical information

Kurohabaki Isle (off the east coast of the Fire Nation)



Form of Government





Kurohabaki clan



First appearance

Book 3: Fire ~ Kurohabaki

The great Tree of life is the main area at the center of Kurohabaki Isle. Founded by Usanda, he has created the ancient tree into the main base for the clan.


Legend goes that many years ago, the island didn't exist on the map. The great water spirit Kurohabaki, lived off the east coast of the Fire Nation observing the Fire Nation vessels coming two and fro. The spirit felt sorry for the nation around the east coast and has decided to create an island so traveling sailors can easy up and gather supplies. But sadly, the new island and it's trees gave loggers and farmers more land for use. Seeing his island being destroyed, he called upon the nomads of the western winds to help drive off the others from his home. As soon as all humans had left the island, he created the Tree Of Life to protect Kurohabaki island from any evil spirits who dare to try to destroy it.


Kurohabaki Clan

The Fleet (Temporary)

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