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This is the fourth chapter to Legend of Mei Lien written by Skybender101. Enjoy fellow readers!

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Mei Lien, Lanying, and Lanji Tong continue to travel on through the difficult paths of the outdoors to the city of Ba Sing Se.

Meanwhile, Mailo is having angry thoughts about his master.

Traveling On

Mei Lien stared in complete surprise at the interesting girl that she had just met. "Y-you're an Earthbender!"

"Sure am!" she piped up happily, Earthbending a few pebbles in the palm of her hand.

Mei Lien grinned. "So am I. That's interesting. We are both fifteen almost sixteen and both of us are Earthbenders."

"Wow, come to think of it, that is strange in an excellent way!"

Mei Lien pondered for a few seconds. "We should teach each other Earthbending moves. I love learning new moves when I practice. It makes me feel a little bit more accomplished in my Earthbending."

"I know a lot of moves that I created. You may be interested in some of them," she explained to her new friend.


After a few minutes of conversing, the girls headed off to find Mei Lien's mother, Lanying. The sun slowly set in the distance, and the dark of the night started to come.

"We better hurry," Mei Lien told Lanji. "Mother's probably worried."


Lanying hobbled on one leg carrying two backpacks with all of their supplies, including a fishing spear. She winced in a pain after every step, but kept moving forward. She traveled the way to the abandoned town where she figured Mei Lien would be snooping around. Hopefully she was not in any immediate danger.

"Mei Lien! Mei Lien, where are you!" she cried desperately, fearful of losing her only child. She shuffled on forwards through the thickness of forest trees. "Calm down. Calm down, " she thought repetitively.

Suddenly, she heard a rustling sound coming from behind thick tall bushes. "Who's there?" she asked bravely, holding up the fishing spear.

Two figures emerged from the bushes and Lanying yelped in surprise when she saw the people. It was Mei Lien and a girl she had never met before. "Mei Lien! You are alright! What took you so long? And please introduce me to your new ...friend."

"Mother, sorry for being late! I thought you were back at the campsite, but I guess you went out looking for me. Again, I apologize," Mei Lien responded apologetically. "Oh, and this is my new friend I met at the strange town. Mother, meet Lanji. Lanji meet my mother, Lanying."

"Ah, I love the name! Lan-ji. Lan-ying. Get it?" Lanying chuckled to herself. Lanji Tong glanced at Lanying weirdly and laughed uncomfortably.

"Yep, nice to meet you, Mei Lien's mother"

"Mother," Mei Lien stated switching the subject. "Lanji has decided to travel with us on our journeys because she is also heading to Ba Sing Se to find her father."

"You are traveling to Ba Sing Se also!? What a coincidence! Of course you can come travel with us," Lanying replied joyfully. She yelped in pain at the stinking pain of her leg.

"Mother, you are injured. Why did you come out looking for us? I would have made it back to our campout," Mei Lien sighed.

"I was very worried, Mei Lien. You should have come sooner. It is getting late, but we should start heading on. We've missed a lot of traveling time because of my leg and I want to keep moving. There are six more days until we reach Ba Sing Se, girls. We must move on."

The two Earthbenders agreed, and the three headed on north following the northern stars. The sky had changed to black and sparkling dots enlightened the dark.

As they traveled on, Lanying would stop every now and then, tending her leg and checking her map.

"We should get to a town called Sinsu in twenty minutes. It's about a little less than a mile away from where we are." Lanying pointed to a stream. "There is the Makala Creek and here is Sinsu on my map." Mei Lien and Lanji scanned over the old paper.

"Do we have any money to stay in an inn in the town?" Lanji asked.

Lanying glanced at the girls. "I'm afraid we have to save our money for the ferry ride when we get to Ba Sing Se. We will only purchase food and water at the town with only a little cash. That is all. Then we will make camp outside of Sinsu."

Mei Lien and Lanji nodded in agreement and all three of them set out through the darkness to the village of Sinsu.

In Sinsu

Plains village

The Village of Sinsu

Two soldiers marched around the deserted alleyways of Sinsu, lightly speaking to each other. The two men were soldiers who were out looking for any person who may or seem to be the Avatar.

"Did you know that 300 civilians have already been captured because they are thought to be the Avatar?" one of the soldiers conveyed to his partner.

"That is quite a lot of people. Do you think it is okay for the Earth King to do this?" the other soldier asked.

"Don't question the Earth King!" his partner snapped suddenly. "If we are caught talking like this, who knows what the king will do to us."

Mailo's Room in the Palace

Mailo despised Ranu's plan. At first he thought it was pure evil and devious, but now he realized that Ranu was using him just to be his unworthy assistant!

Mailo surged in a strong boiling anger. "How is he so stupid? His plan is never going to work!! He is going to fail!" Thoughts spun like a web through his brain. His feelings were a mix of anger and hatred to his master. "He's just using me to get what he wants!"

Mei Lien's Diary and Dreams

Dear Diary,

We are now outside of Sinsu after twenty minutes of travel. It is now probably close to midnight. Lanji has been strangely quiet on the trip to Sinsu. I am not so sure why.

I am really excited when we arrive at Ba Sing Se! I am also excited because I am turning sixteen a day after we are supposed to arrive at the city. Mother has been counting days until my birthday.

I cannot wait!

Mei Lien

Mei Lien lightly stashed away her writing materials in her backpack. She lay down on her sleeping mat, closing her eyes. The warm fire next to her gave warmth to the cold night and she drifted to a deep sleep.

She dreamt. Her dream was unusual and horrifying. She saw herself destroying a large town with her Earthbending. "No! Why am I doing this?! Stop!!" But she could not stop herself because it was a dream. A scary horrifying nightmare.

Authors Notes

Thanks for reading! I really hope you enjoyed this chapter. This one was not my favorite chapter to write, but I hope you thought it was good...well at least exceptional. Thank you my editors and readers!

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