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Trapped Within



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Duke of Skibbington

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Darkness fills my view. Around me, I see nothing but snippets of light slowly appearing. As the light starts to grow, my vision gets foggy. Silhouettes of people walking down the road get clearer as they came closer. They were smiling. All of them are coming by with large grins and chatting with one another. Some of their smiles turn to frowns, others turn to blank stares and some with conflicted on what emotion to give.

They walk as my vision starts getting sharper. I can see railroad tracks, columns, benches and the luggage of people desperately trying to reach their trains.

One man, dressed in blue, yells within one of the cars. "All aboard for Ba Sing Se! All aboard!"

I look around, trying to comprehend everything. "What the hell?"

On my left, a young woman is being embraced by her mother, who is bawling.

"I can't believe my baby girl is going to Ba Sing Se!" The mother's voice was muffled in the arms of her daughter.

The daughter chuckles. "Mom, I'm 20 years old! I'm not a baby anymore."

"You'll always be my baby."

When the two stop hugging, the daughter enters the train. The door is shut by the conductor as the train begins its journey to Ba Sing Se.

Quickly, the once bustling train station grows silent. Crowds of people stop in their place, frozen in time.

The light begins to dim, my vision grows foggy again as darkness returns to my view. The people around me begin to fade into the shadows one by one. I looked around and saw that of all the people were disappearing, but the mother was still there. The ground beneath began to crack and turned black, it came closer and closer to me with each passing second.

I turn back to the mother, who is still standing there. Tears dripping from her eyes, she stares into the blank space where the train had once been.

Slowly, the dark void reaches her too, consuming her into the world of shadows and nothingness. She becomes one with the void.

The entire station returns to its pitch black state from earlier. I look down to see my feet being swallowed by the darkness, spreading to the rest of my body like a cancer. It was weakening me, pulling me down to it. I panicked as I tried desperately to get out of its grip, reaching my hand out for something, anything, to save me. Screaming as the inevitable occurs, I'm consumed by the void and become nothing.

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