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Hi this is my fanon for Zutara Week 2012!! And please no Kataang hate comments Enjoy


"Friendships can transcend lifetimes." Avatar Roku had said that once.

The members of "Team Avatar", as Sokka continued to call their group, had taken this quote to heart, sort of making it their unofficial motto.

But as they'd grown older, found love and gotten married, they all began to wonder if the same could be true of lovers.

They all lived long and happy lives, Sokka and Suki settling in the Republic City eventually, and raising twin boys there, Toph finding her place as the head of the police force in the same city, raising little Lin with her own husband, and Aang finding love in On Ji, and raising four children, three airbenders and one nonbender, with her in Republic City. Zuko and Katara were the only two of the group who did not follow their friends to Republic City, for the obvious reasons that their duty lay in the Fire Nation, as the Fire Lord and Lady.

Aang was the first to die, at the young age (for an Avatar) of sixty-six. This was a shock for everyone, but a devastated On Ji explained that Aang had said such a thing was possible, after all the years and energy he had used in the iceberg.

Toph was next, a couple years later, and the rest of the group was jolted by the fact they had lost their two youngest friends first. Yet, after all the stress Toph had put herself through, and the rough and rugged way she had lived her life, maybe it wasn't all that surprising.

The rest of them continued on, and Katara was genuinely shocked when a letter came from the leader of The Order of the White Lotus, calling her to the South Pole for urgent business that could not be disclosed in the letter.

Katara was at the South Pole a week later, and it was there she met Korra, the next Avatar. Korra, Aang's reincarnation. Katara immediately agreed to be Korra's waterbending teacher, and she did find that maybe what Avatar Roku had said really was true, when the little girl became attached to Katara almost instantly, and despite the fact that she had secretly wanted to find something of Aang in her young pupil, Katara came to return Korra's affections on Korra's own merits. When Zuko met the young Avatar, Korra seemed to have an instinctual attachment to him as well.

Roughly four years later, after Zuko and Katara were getting ready to pass their rule on to their son Roku and his wife, the news came that Sokka and Suki had died on the same day. Katara suspected suicide, since the couple could no longer be the fierce warriors they were by nature.

And then, after living so long that it surprised even her, Katara fell ill, and within a week, succumbed to the disease. Zuko followed her barely two weeks later, of a broken heart and unable to bear the knowledge that he was the last of the legendary "Team Avatar" as most said.

Shuri was a fairly ordinary child living in Republic City. At least she had been until the Equalists had taken over the city.

She and her parents had ended up fleeing in a crowd, trying to find a safe haven away from the Equalists, and being nonbenders, who did not support Amon's cause, her family was almost completely helpless. And in the mad rush, Shuri had gotten lost, ending up wandering the streets, crying out for her parents. Unfortunately, it was not her parents who heard her cries, but an Equalist.

"Are you lost child?"

Shuri's eyes widened in fear, and she backed away from the man, who looked very frightening to a small and lost young girl.

However the Equalist came closer and closer, reaching out a hand for her, probably intending to be kind, but only scaring her more. "Come now child, I'll help you find your parents."

"No! No! They told me to stay away from you!"

As the Equalist reached and took her by the arm, and Shuri screamed, a pillar of rock jutted up between them, knocking the Equalist backwards and to the ground.

Before Shuri could react, someone had taken her hand and was pulling her away at a run, only stopping when they reached the bay, and climbed down into one of the drains.

It was now that Shuri could finally look upon her rescuer. It was a boy, not much older than her, obviously of Earth Kingdom descent, like her, with a kind face.

"You're okay now." He said, still holding her hand.

"Who are you?" Shuri asked.

"My name is Gensho. What's yours?"


"Well, Shuri, I'm pretty sure I can help you find your parents. I know a safe place where they probably went. Shall we go?" Genso asked.

Shuri nodded eagerly, and, with Genso still gently holding her hand, they set off down the drain, towards the underground camp of those who opposed the Equalists.

After that day, Shuri and Genso became friends, eventually lovers, eventually married, had children, lived long lives and died peacefully.

And in those brief moments when they were spirits waiting to be reincarnated again, did memories of past lives flash before them, memories of being Zuko and Katara, of being Oma and Shu, and going even farther back than that, always ending up lovers. In those brief moments, they realized, not for the first time, that love could transcend lifetimes.


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