Training in the Wind
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One Shot







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Training in the Wind is a one-shot entered into Tycoonmaster's writing contest. It could not be longer than 500 words, give or take. Hope you like it.


Korra is struggling to master the Air Gates -despite showing signs of improvement in her Pro-Bending tournament by using the technique multiple times in practise and games- as usual. So Tenzin gives her some advice with a little help from a leaf.

Air Temple Island (Training Time)

Korra groaned once more as she hopelessly tried to maneuver through the air gates. Tenzin sat on the steps nearby observing her closely.

"Grr, I can't do it ARGHH!!!" shouted Korra letting loose a burst of intense flames from her fists to the floor leaving black markings with thick smoke coming off.

"Just concentrate and you'll get it eventually," Tenzin reassured her.

"You've been saying that for days now and I can't do it," roared Korra blasting another burst of flames from her fists.

"Take a break and cool down," said Tenzin calmly keeping his stern face in place.

"Why can't I do it Tenzin?" asked Korra looking for some guidance. At that moment a tiny green leaf lost it's grasp on the tree and began drifting towards them.

"Sit." Tenzin gestured towards the steps. Korra looked like she was going to launch some fire at Tenzin but took a deep breath and proceeded to sit.

"Sometimes we need to open our minds and just let them race free with the wind." The leaf calmly floated even closer towards the soil. "Because you'll know no matter what happens if you just let the wind guide you," Tenzin raised his arm gently and pointed with the tip of his finger towards the leaf. "Then you'll always end up where you need to be." The leaf delicately landed on the soil and was welcomed into it as it's new home.

"Understand?" Tenzin smiled encouragingly something Korra -if anyone- rarely saw.

Korra sighed and raised a smile herself.

"Yes Tenzin."

"Now shall we try again?"

"Yeah sure," said Korra almost half half heartedly though it seemed Tenzin's talk had calmed her down.

Korra took her stance before the ancient yet somewhat majestic artefact ready to once again to fail at mastering it. "Ready...GO!!!" yelled Tenzin deeply.

On word Korra raced at the gates. She then remembered what Tenzin said. She slowed down then began to spiral like a ballet dancer in practice with the mechanism. She was doing it. Tenzin gave two fists gesture into the air but quickly remembered himself by straightening up and calming down. She maneuvered through the gates with extreme precision. Tenzin had finally got through to her. She soon reached the end.


"Great work."


"Now can you do it again?"

"Oh you just watch me."

Now with new confidence Korra returned to the Air gates ready and hoping to best them again.


  • This is my one shot for Ty's contest.
  • I thought it up on the spot with no planning.
  • It is my first one shot.
  • It was the first piece of writing I've entered into a writing contest on this wiki.

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