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Chapter 2- Training and Planning

Today was an important day. It was an ordinary nonetheless, but today was the day that Ty Lee was going to teach Yue how to walk on her hands. It wasn't going well. "Come on Yue it's easy just walk on your hands instead of your feet," exclaimed Ty Lee. "I'm trying, Mummy!" Yue said falling over for the tenth time. As Ty Lee stood back on her hands Toph - who was standing near by – performed a quick flick of her wrist and Ty Lee was stuck to the ground and fell over backwards where Toph then stuck her feet to the floor with earthbending. "NOT funny, Toph!" Yelled Ty Lee. "I dunno, I'm laughing over here. HAHAHA." "Let me go, Toph, you know what condition I'm in!" "FINE!" And with a flick of her wrist Toph released the pregnant acrobat and walked away to go and find The Duke. "A word of advice, Yue, don't ever walk on your hands near an earthbender." "Even Aunty Toph, Mummy?" Asked Yue. "ESPECIALLY Toph!" "Yes, Mummy."

Prodigy Azula

Azula Creating A Fireball

This day, again, was important because Azula was being taught how to make a fireball. "Okay, Azula, show me a small fireball," said Zuko. "Yes, Uncle Zuko." Although Azula is Sokka and Ty Lee's daughter, she calls everyone either Uncle or Aunty. Azula then performed the movement required to create a fireball. This fireball was as big as Appa. "WOW! That's big! Not even Aang could make a fireball that big." "I must be a fire-bending prodigy." "Keep it going, Azula. Aang come and have a look at this." "I'm coming." The young Avatar exits the house he was in with his 5 year old airbending son Gyatso. "WOW! Well done, Azula!" "Uncle Aang, how do I stop?" she asked nervously. "ERM... Wait here." Aang went to the nearby sea and water-bended some water over onto the ever-increasing fireball. "Thank you, Uncle Aang." "You're welcome, Azula. And how many times have I told you to call me Aang?"

" I dunno 10, 15 times this week." All four of them laughed and went to the Kyoshi Warrior Training hut to see what Suki, Kilya, Umli, Ty Lee, Yue, Toph and the other Kyoshi Warriors were doing.

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Far away in the South Pole, near the Southern Water Tribe a Mental Asylum built just for fire-benders, was Princess Azula. Of the Fire Nation. As usual she was laughing to herself in her room. Standing outside were 2 guards. "Excuse me, I'm looking for Princess Azula of the Fire Nation. Can you tell me where I can find her?" Said an unexpected visitor calmly. "Yes, Sir, she is in here." "Thank you. May I talk to her in private?" "Yes, Sir, of course, Sir." And the 2 guards walk off to the canteen. "Hey, Azula, I brought you some turtle seal meat." The visitor handed her the meat, and she ate ravenously. "I know why you're here, Tarruk, the answer is no!" "You don't even know why I'm here." "You're going to ask me to marry you. I can't because I'm stuck in here," Azula replied deviously. "Don't you know I'm a Waterbender. I could melt the ice and we could leave the Southern Water Tribe together. We could get revenge on Fire Lord Zuko." "That does sound like a good plan. Wait, why do you want revenge on my brother?" "I don't. I was thinking..." "...thinking that if you help me, I would marry you. Well, I dunno whether I would or not..." Azula looks up at Tarruk's poignant face. "Okay, I will marry you, just as long as you help me get out of here."

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