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Chapter 3-Training


"Try again," Lilani said disappointedly at me.

"I'm trying but I just can't Firebend." I said, feeling like an idiot. There were two incredibly hot girls watching me and I was over here unable to create a puff of flame.

"Are you sure it wasn't Lee who was the Avatar?" Kajie joked.

"Ha ha, Kajie. Don't you and Korata have some Waterbending practice to do or something???" I snapped back.

Then Korata looked mad. She turned to me and gave me a disapproving look at me. Great, I've annoyed both of them. Korata just shook her head. "Sadly, Kajie, Leori for the first time is right," she said.

"Seriously!!!" Kajie protested.

"You seriously want this argument again." Korata said.

"Fine," Kajie said, bummed.

She gave me a look that I read clearly, "I'll get you for this."

Lilani shook me by the shoulders. "Pay attention. Like I said before. You have to summon the flame from within. Not from the earth like you usually do. Summon the fire from within," she said.

Then I tried it, summon from within, sadly I over did it. Fire spewed everywhere. The trees were a flame. Lilani's hair was on fire.

"Your hair!" I exclaimed.

"What about it!!!" She screamed.

"It's on fire!'I told her.

Korata ran back from the woods.

"What happened!!"Korata screamed out while putting out the fires. She put out Lilani's hair first.

"Leo Firebent," Lee ratted me out. Korata let out a sigh. She had finished putting out the fires.

"Could've been a bit more careful," Korata said.

"It's Leori's fault," Lilac said.

"Does everyone want to rat me out?" I asked. The others laughed.


After the forest fire my entire body felt weird. Like it was on fire. I guess you get used to it, but I still felt like someone was watching us. My lucky day. I attempted to tell the others earlier but then Leori started the forest fire so I couldn't tell them. I gave up on telling them as the day pressed;then something happened. Somebody was watching us. A group of Airbenders. Led by a seventeen-year-old boy-well, he looked seventeen- who by the looks of it wasn't gonna help us.

Korata grabbed her knives and held them up. Wow that girl has some serious weaponry.

Lilani raised her fists. Leo did the same. I grabbed my sword. Airbenders suddenly began to attack us. Acting like it wasn't a problem, Korata kept her cool. Her knives disappeared as her bow appeared. She was shooting them with ease.

Lilani had taken many out as well. Leori wasn't doing as well. Kajie was still in the trees somewhere because vines kept grabbing them.

The seventeen year-old stepped forward. "Hand him over," was all he said. Korata obviously recognized him.

Her eyes widened. "You?" she said angrily.

"Long time no see, Little Miss Archress," he said. Apparently Korata wasn't gonna talk. She water blasted him into the other clearing. His men followed.

"Everyone okay?" She asked.

Kajie came from the tree." Was that seriously who I think it was?" Kajie asked.

Korata nodded her head. Which told me everything I needed to know.


"Korata, who is that guy?" Leori asked stupidly.

"That guy is Drato. His dad is General Fong," I answered.

Everyone except Kajie looked shocked. "What happened to airbenders being monks and having tattoos and stuff?" Lilani questioned.

"They stopped doing that so they could blend in with the crowd. Only their council of elders are bald and have tattoos," I informed her.

"So he wants Leori for what?" Lilani again asked.

"Probably some quest for his dad. He's a big suck up," Kajie said.

"So we have to keep our guard up," Lee said.

"Yes, it'd probably be a good idea for two people to be on guard at once," I said. Then the sun started to set. "Let's set up camp," I suggested.

"Good Idea." Lee said. And as we set up camp for the first time in days he didn't look like he was gonna vomit.


At least for one night Nobody was watching us. I hoped.


"I failed. Together they are to much even for my men."

I said to my father, who frowned. "Well then pick them off one by one starting with the girl," he said and I knew which girl he meant when he and his men were howling with laughter...

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