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"Okay to prevent X.A.N.A attacking you guys in the real world your going to have to do some training in Lyoko. I know your going to kill me for saying that but I don't need X.A.N.A getting a hold of you guys. He got a hold of me once because I never had been in there at the time. I had to do a lot of training and it was apparently funny to them.", Jeremie says pointing to Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi.

"Anyways you guys have to actually fight the monsters so that means no climbing up trees and running away like a 5 year old girl.", Ulrich says pointing at Aang. Aang blushes in embarrassment.

"Well. We should go in to train as a group. It's a smarter idea cause Aang nearly got killed yesterday in the so called Sector 5.", Sokka says air quoting Sector 5.

"That would be the best idea cause the Scyphozoa's job is to steal memory, kill, drain energy, and/or plant viruses like the one that is keeping you from getting back.", Jeremie says, "Not only that it can appear anywhere in any sector."

Sokka face palms realizing they may run into another one.

"Don't worry there are only two inexistence that we know of.", Aeltia says, "The other monsters are made by X.A.N.A everytime there is an attack. The Scyphozoa is the only one not to be."

Sokka sighs in relief. "That's less Jelly Fish thingies to deal with.", Sokka says.

"Still I wish we could easily get rid of them but they seem impossible to kill.", Jeremie says, "However it seemed scared when you pulled of that stunt. It may have never dealt with that kind of power before so we may have an advantage."

"The problem is the Avatar State is meant for defense not to be a weapon.", Katara says.

"So that's what it's called.", Jeremie says.

"Well it seems good for scaring the pee out of those things!", Odd says laughing at the memory of the Scyphozoa running away like a wimp.

"Time to go in for some training. While we are there you can practice your Earth and Firebending.", Toph says elbowing Aang out of the way.

"Why did you do that?", Yumi asks.

"It's how show affection, or annoyance.", Toph says eyeing Sokka.

"What?!", Sokka asks.

Jeremie starts the Virtualization program for everyone in the gang.




The group lands in the Mountain Sector.

"Ready?", Sokka asks.

"Ready!", Everyone says.

A Megatank comes out of a bush and gets ready to fire.

"Not the Bowling ball again! Hope they can defeat it.", Odd say face palming.

Aang sends a blast of air and it repels the Megatank a couple of meters. Katara sends in a Water Whip and freezes the Megatank. Zuko throws a volley of Fireballs at the Eye and it explodes.

"Wow. When they work together almost every monster seems defenseless. It must because X.A.N.A never fought anybody like them before.", Aelita says in shock of how long it took to defeat it which was 30 seconds.

After 2 hours of training they are devirtualized.

"Wow. I hate those Flying armless bee things! One managed to stun my left arm for a good 40 minutes!", Sokka says grumpily.

"At least you didn't have to deal with those round things! One nearly ran me over!", Toph yelled punching him in the gut.

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