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Princess Yue's Second Chance



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June 1, 2013

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Burning Questions

It had been several hours that Appa was flying in the air. Aang's eyes glued to the earth below to watch if they had passed a small village. All he saw were the snowy mountains of United Republic of Nations. The group still had not passed the boundary between URN and the Earth Kingdom. Yue watched their rear from time to time to know if there were any flying airships that had successfully tracked them. To both their relief, there wasn't. Momo was also with them, playing around Aang's staff. The Avatar, whose eyes still dotted below, finally saw a small village. It seemed to them that they had finally passed the boundary and were now officially inside the territory of Earth Kingdom. Yue was happy for that but Aang knew that they still were not completely safe. His face, despite finding a village, had shown more worry lines than ever. He knew, as Redentoris had explained, that the United Forces and The Earth Kingdom military signed a contract to form a search party all over the world to search for the missing Toph. Another search party was conducted to find the missing Ba Sing Se University student named Patience, who mysteriously, was Yue at the same time. The Avatar had told Yue not long ago of what he thinks had really happened to the princess on the process of returning here on Earth. Aang believed that the Spirit of the Mystic did not actually create a new body for Yue but rather, he took another one, took out it's soul, and put Yue's into it. This means that, presently, Yue is possessing the body of another. The only question now was where the soul of the actual Patience was. More importantly, for Aang, was the most burning question of all: Where in the world is Toph?

Harbor Town

Aang commanded Appa to descend to that small village the Avatar had seen, so the bison directed his flight downward. Aang and Yue held to the saddle tightly to avoid falling. Strong wind hit their faces as they were descending. Down and down they went until grass-filled earth was trodden by Appa's gigantic feet. The sky bison was tired too easily as it was getting old. Momo, who shared a strong friendship towards Appa, stayed and seemed to brush its hair as a sign of caring. Aang told them to stay here and eat the grass if they want to. Yue, however, was again displaying signs of childish happiness as she watched the normality of the people that were there. Yue then went to Aang and said, "Aang, this place is beautiful isn't it?" Aang, who was getting grass from the ground, said, "Nah, I've been here before and I didn't really like the attitude of some of the folks that lived here. This was also the place where I reminisced on my failures of being the avatar." The town they were currently at was the harbor town where he, Katara and Sokka went to replenish their supplies for their journey. Aang went on to explain, "It was funny, really. During that time, Sokka met this fisherman who was willing to go fishing against his wife's warning that there was an upcoming storm that might threaten his life. Sokka, who really, and always wanted to find a job in his own way, took the opportunity to be that fisherman's assistant in his hopes of earning a large income, and boy, was he wrong. Right then, the fisherman recognized me as the Avatar and accused me of abandoning the world for one hundred years, claiming my absence was responsible for all the warfare and suffering that occurred . Well, it really was my fault all along, I chose to deny my being the Avatar." Yue, who was listening intently, was also worried. "Aang, what if I'm the same as you. I abandoned the moon spirit only so I can be with my loved ones again. But me returning here means a new war might happen. Is it really wrong to wish to be with who you loved?" Aang's heart reached out for Yue. As the Avatar, it was his job to calm the troubled mind. "Princess, it isn't wrong to wish for that. But you have to see the bigger picture, will you really return here to see your loved ones briefly for a short period of time only to summon a new chaos or protect the ones you love and know they are happy?" Yue, of course, will choose the latter. But the problem was she was always the on to sacrifice. Yue is already tired and wants to feel what it was to be human again. Aang can't blame her, even he wished that he had a '"day off"'.

Yue watched all the people that were there. Some were busy calling for customers to buy their fruits, others were on their rowing boats, ready to fish. The harbor town was quite mountainous, and the village's inland portions extend high into a mountainside. The ground was uneven and rough, there are few paved pathways or roads and all green-tiled buildings were on a different elevation comparative to each other. Most houses were constructed on bare rock. Despite being a small community, the town's port was somewhat lively. Ships and boats dock in one of the harbor's four piers, all of which were equal in length and made from wooden planks. The port had numerous stores, fruit stands, and warehouses, among other facilities. The stores and fruit stands sell a variety of sea-based and nutritional products, including fish, banana, apple, orange, and watermelon. Fruit stands were wooden, small, and had a colorful tarp on the top, probably for decoration. They lie in front of stores, which were more capacious and had a green roof. Warehouses are similar in design to stores. Aang and Yue spotted only one inn in the town. Before going further, Aang gave Yue and himself some hooded robes which he brought to ensure their presence there were hidden. Finally, after putting them on, Aang and Yue went to the doors of the inn. The inn was just an ordinary house which means there were limited rooms available. There was an old woman sweeping its floors. She seemed busy but greeted the two, "Welcome newcomers. Luck you we have no visitors for this day so there are still plenty of rooms available. Come, I have two just newly cleaned." The old innkeeper took some keys from the pockets of her apron signaled Aang and Yue to follow. She led them to the second floor of the inn and opened two separate rooms. Indeed, as the old woman claim, the rooms were pretty clean and comfy. The two went to their respective rooms. The innkeeper was just about to go downstairs when the Avatar went out of his room. Aang, who was starving, asked, "Old ma'am, do you have anything here to eat? I'm famished." The old woman replied, "Oh sure, sure. Don't worry young lad, you don't need to bother yourself with that. I'll bring the food there at your room once I'm done cooking." The Avatar thanked the innkeeper and went to his room. Surely enough, after several minutes, she brought the food to Aang's room which was vegetable stew, just like he wanted. After such a hefty meal, the pair decided to sleep. The town was more quiet that ever when it was nighttime. Aang was fast asleep and so was Yue.

She dreamt

Iroh places the dead koi fish in the water. "It's too late, it's dead." Katara said. Iroh then notices Yue. "You have been touched by the Moon Spirit. Some of its life is in you." Yue, who was determined to sacrifice her own self for her people said, "Yes, you're right. It gave me life, maybe I can give it back."

Sokka reached to stop her. "No! You don't have to do that." "It's my duty, Sokka." Even though it pains her to leave Sokka behind, Yue still believed she had a responsibility. Yue's hand slipped out of Sokka's as she placed her hands on the koi fish. The koi begins to glow and Yue closes her eyes. Yue falls as Sokka catches her. "No! She's gone, she's gone."

Yue faded and disappeared as the koi began to light up and glow. Iroh placed the koi back into the oasis water. The entire lake began to light up until energy floated up into the air forming an image of Yue. "Goodbye, Sokka!" Yue said as she comes to kiss him. "I will always be with you." They kissed and Yue disappears as Sokka looked up to the moon as it reappears in the sky, bringing the color back.

But suddenly, there came sounds . Large banging sounds.

"Princess, open the door!"

Yue finally woke up to realize her dream was more vivid as ever...

...and that the banging was caused by Aang knocking at the door. Yue approached the door and opened it. The Avatar was still wearing his Air Nomad sleeping robes as he whispered, "Yue, I think the Earth Kingdom military are here looking for us." Yue and Aang then slowly went halfway through the wooden stairs and peeked below to see if there were any soldiers that had infiltrated the inn they are at. As if bad luck was upon them, there indeed was one soldier talking at the old innkeeper.

Yue and Aang eavesdropped their conversation.

"Ma'am, have you seen this young woman? Her name is Toph Beifong." The soldier asked her as he showed the missing flyer, but the old woman said, "No, I haven't." "How about this one? Her name is Patience". The soldier took another flyer and showed it to old woman. The innkeeper to longer to respond and then replied,

"No, I haven't." Now Aang and, most of all, Yue exhcanged shocked faces because they were perplexed as to why she said no after she had seen the Yue-possessed body of Patience sleeping in her own inn. The soldier, before going on his way, asked one last question. "Have you seen the avatar here in your town?" Again, the old woman said no. Finally the soldier left and Aang and Yue breathed sighs of relief. The pair went down and thanked the old woman. Aang then asked her, "But why did you try to help us good ma'am?" "Those soldiers always treat us here like dogs! I hate them! But I also saw the wanted posters and those missing flyers for the both of you but I knew, deep inside my heart, that you two are good people. Young Avatar, please correct the ways of those soldiers if you have time. I promise to help you in any way I can." Both of them hugged the old woman and the innkeeper returned it also to them. But then Aang remembered, "Oh no, Appa! Momo! I left them outside to eat grass!" The old woman gently laughed and said, "Not to worry young Avatar, Both of them are inside my barn. I've given the big one some lots of hay and the flying monkey some fruits." Yue then answered, "We thank you so much for your generosity innkeeper." The old woman accepted the thanks and told them to go back to their beds. For sure, it would be a long week ahead but both of them slept peacefully as they know now they were finally safe.

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