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April 23, 2010

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Town of Fear is the twenty fifth chapter of Avatar: Guardian.


After arriving in Torung Village, the team ends up fighting against the Dai Li, who want to get information.


A rock glove soared through the air. An Earthbender crushed it in midair and sent a volley of large rocks at the agent who sent it. The agent used Earthbending to propel himself into the air before hitting the ground, dislodging the Earthbender he faced. He sent an earth pillar at an angle to strike the villager at his side, but the pillar was crushed by an open palmed strike from the villager. "Why do you persist on attacking the village?"

"We have something we need to know."

"Whatever it is, you won't hear it from me!" The Earthbender sends another wave of rock, this time going higher into the sky, at the agent. When the dust settled, the agent was gone.

After a minute of looking around for any sign of the agent, decides to head back into the village to tell everyone about his strange experience. As he turned, his feet sunk into the ground.

"What?" He tried to Earthbend himself out, but he kept sinking deeper. Eventually, only his head and shoulders remained. "What's happening?"

The Dai Li agent slowly rose up from the ground in front of him. He said calmly and slowly "How many people are in your village?"

"I'll never tell you!" the man screamed back.

"The only way they'll survive is if you tell me. Then, we're more likely to be merciful. Getting us in a bad mood is a sure sign of destruction."

"Fine!" he screams in a terrified voice. "What do you want to know?"

"What's the name of your village?" the agent says calmly as a smirk breaks his face.

"Torung! Please just leave us alone, we just got freed from the Fire Nation, we just want peace for once!"

"Do you have any leaders or elders in your village?"

"Only a few, but they usually know what's going on in the town."

"How many warriors and benders are in your village?"

"Will you not hurt them?"

"I can't promise anything; it's up to them whether we fight back."

"We don't have many. They were in the war, and haven't found their way back." the villager says. "I was appointed to defend the town while they were gone... I guess I haven't done a good job."

"Trust me. You've done the entire Earth Kingdom justice." the agent tells to him as he walks away. "You can go now." The villager is thrust up from the ground onto his knees.

Arriving in Torung

Hours later, Team Avatar touches down in the center of Torung Village. After waiting for a few minutes and seeing no one, Aang suggests that they walk towards the largest building in the town. After walking for a few minutes, they knock on the door. A terrified man slowly answers the door, glancing at a teenager with a large scar over his eye. The man is startled and falls back, screaming at the fact that he left the door open. Zuko pushes the door open and glances inside, seeing an entire village's worth of people crammed inside.

"What are you all doing in here? It's a beautiful day."

"The weather is fine, but our village's defender was defeated in battle today by a rogue bender and we have reason to believe that there are more."

"Do you know what the bender looked like?" Sokka quickly asks.

A deep voice came from the back of the room. "Robes. The bender wore long robes. And he was fast. You kids won't have any chance against him." The man walks forward before seeing Aang and the large bison outside and he proceeds to gasp. "Th-th-the Avatar? Rejoice! We're saved!" The entire room burst out into cheers.

"Calm down please." Aang begins. "I can't help you if I don't know more. What did they want?"

"Information. They asked about warriors and our elders. It was almost as if they were planning some kind of mission."

"We were!" A loud, sinister voice echoes from outside.

Long Feng Returns

The team runs outside to find the source of the voice, closely followed by the villagers. They quickly find a tall, angry man surrounded by dozens of Dai Li agents.

"I guess my agents will get to finish what they started." He turns to the agents. "Make sure they never live to see tomorrow." The agents use Earthbending to soar into the air and firing off parts of their rock gloves at the team. Aang creates an air wall that neutralizes the bullets.

"Don't let Long Feng escape!" Sokka screams as he charges through the agents. Toph rides an earth wave past the agents and stops a boulder Long Feng shot at Sokka.

"I think it would be best if I handle him, Sokka." Toph says calmly as the turns to face Long Feng. Sokka quietly agrees as he turns to fight the agents, throwing his boomerang before sprinting off into battle.

Toph dodges another boulder thrown by Long Feng before sending an earth wave at Long Feng. She then lifts her foot and slams it sideways, sending roof tiles from nearby houses at Long Feng. He wasn't expecting this and is knocked over, cuts all over his face and tears in his robes. Long Feng quickly recovers and lifts a large boulder out of the ground and sends it at Toph. Toph splits the boulder down the middle, and sends it back as two separate boulders, which Long Feng is unable to block. He sinks into the earth, so that the attack misses him.

Aang sends a fire blast at an agent, who sidesteps and shoots his rock glove at Zuko. Zuko shoots it down and uses a fire whip to trip the agent. Katara was using two water whips to keep the agents away. She catches one agent by the leg and throws him into a building. A rock glove grabs her by the back of her shirt and pulls her off balance before Aang crushes the glove and shoots the agent with a rock square in his chest. Several agents lift a large boulder that they send at Aang and Katara. Zuko tried sending large fire blasts at it, but it wouldn't stop. Aang split the boulder down the middle, but one side was heading towards Katara. Aang quickly enters the Avatar State and stops the boulder in its tracks before throwing it even faster back at the group of Dai Li. They all try getting out of the way, but several are knocked to the ground.

Long Feng is hard pressed against Toph. Every time he launches an attack, she has a counter prepared by the time he's finished the motion. Eventually, he calls for a retreat. The agents sink into the earth and cannot be stopped. Aang helps Katara up and searches over the border of the town for any traces of the Dai Li. When they turned around to walk back into the town hall, they see a large hole in the building. They rush inside to see the villagers cowering in one corner, on the side away from the hole.

"What happened in here?" Zuko asks.

"They took our mayor. The agent laughed and threw aside anyone who tried to stop him. Please, help him!"

"Don't worry, we will." Aang says as the team leaves to get Appa.


  • Long Feng's thoughts were just like those of Bumi in Henhouse's chapter The Greatest Earthbender, noting Toph's unusual reaction time.

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