Southern Water Tribe tundra
Tough Get Going
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The Water Warriors


After years of escalating tensions with my father, I decided to run away, and seek refuge in the capital city, but how did I get there, and what will my future hold.


After my brother and I barely escaped Republic City, we sat and talked, learning about our own pasts as we rode on Mo Ce Sea.

"How did you survive the blizzard when we were younger...?" Tarrlok asks.

"Where should I start?" I replied.

"Well, the last time we were together... That could be a start," Tarrlok suggested.

"I hate to remember that day, it was just yesterday..." I told Tarrlok.

That night, father forced me to do the unthinkable.

"Noatak, your turn!" My father commands me. I immediately bloodbended my brother, Tarrlok, and I were terrified.

"Excellent!... Tarrlok, bloodbend your brother!" Our father commanded.

You argued back with assertiveness and said: "No, I won't do it."

"Bloodbend your brother!" Father demanded.

"That feels awful. I never want to bloodbend again!"

"You weakling! I'll teach you a lesson that you'll -- Ahh!"

That's when I realized he wasn't our father, and we were just merely tools. "Noatak! Wait, don't leave!"

"I knew he was weak, too weak to leave mother." So I ventured off into the maelstrom. The blizzard howled as I found myself near a cave.

"Shelter." I told myself.

I walked in the cave and created my shelter. The snow made gave me warmth. I waterbent the snow below my feet, and created a barricade, and warmth.

"Fwoosh... Fwoosh... Fwoosh..." the blizzard rages on.

I suddenly heard a strange sound. "Who's there!" As I walked out of my shelter, I saw... pack wolves.

The pack wolves surrounded the cave I was in. They all came at me. "Get away from me! Don't make me bloodbend you!" I shouted to the wolves, but they didn't get it. The pack leader jumped with its big legs, and came at me, with its best. I had no choice...

"Arh-woo... woo... woo... " The wolves pleaded their lives.

"I'm sorry..." I solemnly said to myself, before throwing them out into the maelstrom.

It was daylight, and I knew this was no safe place. So, I ventured further into the icy ranges. For two days, I have had no water, meandering, sober. A mirage appeared right in front of me!

"Wait, don't leave!" I saw Tarrlok, filled with sadness. I fell to my knees.

After a brief struggle, I decided to head to the City. During those nights before I arrived into the City, I always gazed at the constellations, renaming, reshaping them to my memories with you, like the time when I knocked you over when we were playing in the snow, or when we first found out we were waterbenders.

I remember reminiscing about those hunting trips we took as boys. How we learnt to bloodbend. All those times, I couldn't help, but think about you Tarrlok, and how your 'hunting' trips went? I questioned Tarrlok.

He replied, "We stopped hunting. After attempting to search for you in the snow for three days. We thought that you perished in the blizzard. This greatly upset mum, and father decided to stop my training as his hopes for revenge withered, with you gone. He then passed away a few years later. Noatak! Don't you have more than this to tell me?"

"Of course!" I replied. Where was I at? Oh, I remember now. On the way to the City, I saw several Water Tribe soldiers in the snowy village nearby. When I saw them, they were about to leave, and I tried to use my loud voice to call them, but it failed, they rode off eagerly, waiting to return home.

"Wait!" I shouted in thirst! I suddenly blacked out.

"Wake up boy," a Water Warrior called me. "What is your name?"

"Who am I?" I replied.

"Do you remember what happened to you?" The Warrior inquired.

"No... I can't remember. Where am I?" I replied.

"You are in the Northern Water Tribe City. You were lying on the ground unconscious, we heard your cry, but you were just lying on the ground. Let's take you to a healing session, maybe you might remember what happened then."

"Alright..." I mumbled.

So this warrior carried me to the healing huts where he placed me in a pond of spirit water. A healer came in and he bent the water around me, giving me this weird sensation, he simply told me to relax, and close my eyes.

After a few minutes... "Ahh!" I quickly got up, and remembered everything.

"Thanks for healing me. I owe you. May I get your name?" I asked.

"My name is Unalaq. I am the Prince of the Northern Water Tribe. Where did you come from?"

"I came from a village up north west, near the tundras." I replied.

"Ah, the north western tundras. I've passed by that village on the way to the North Pole, our tribe's spiritual centre. Well, let's get you some rest, and we have training early tomorrow." He replies.

"What training?" I inquired.

"Survival, waterbending, healing. Here in the city, everyone trains in one of these three areas, so that we can contribute our tribe's sustainability. Come and join us at the Glacier's Festival dinner tonight, where we will commune the spirits, as they light up the dark." Unalaq replies.

"I suppose so, I mean you healed me and all, so yeah." I replied.

The two of us then headed to the royal palace that evening, where we gathered and sat for the royal banquet.

"Tonight, we gather here to celebrate with the spirits, as they draw closer to our physical world. [Everyone claps.] We must also remember what our ancestors did for us 44 years ago. My cousin, Princess Yue, sacrificed herself to become the moon spirit. We wish her good health. [Everyone claps again.] As you know, Master Unalaq and his students will create the cleansing ceremony. Enjoy the show!"

Unalaq and his students then used their waterbending to create the symbol of the Water Tribe. The water circled around him, before another student of his, then to his final student. The students and Unalaq then created a whirlpool. The students left the stage as Unalaq turned the water into a yellowish colour, which circled around the whirlpool, before releasing it into the sky, to create a disarray of fireworks.

"Woah!" I excitedly mumbled.

All the children enjoyed the fireworks and everyone clapped for their performance.

"Now for our final performance, we have Wacky Wushu's Otter Penguin!" The Chief announced.

After that lame performance ended, the feast begun. So I didn't really know anyone there, except for Unalaq, who was swabbed by other members of the tribe. The warrior who saved me earlier approached me.

"You looking much better now, ain't you?" The water warrior asked me.

"Yeah! Your brother is an amazing healer," I told the warrior.

"My name is Tonraq. I am also the Prince of the Northern Water Tribe, brother of Unalaq." the 'warrior' replies.

"Then you must be a waterbending master, like Unalaq, right?" I asked.

"I am the general of the Northern Water Tribe Military. I do not heal, or cleanse the area," Tonraq replies.

"Brother. So you know Tonraq now, don't you?" Unalaq queries.

"Yeah, he introduced himself to me," I replied.

"Good, good. Are you a waterbender?" Unalaq asks.

I carefully thought about my answer... "Yes I am."

"Good. Looks like you'll be training with either my brother or I tomorrow morning. Choose wisely." Unalaq replies.

"Brother... Don't pressure him. Just choose what's comfortable for you," Tonraq said.

After hours of feast have passed, and nearly everyone left except for me, and the Princes.

"Thanks guys. I owe you both big time. So, I'll see you guys tomorrow."

"A pleasure," Tonraq replies.

"See you there," Unalaq said.

The chief then escorted me to my quarters. We walked up a flight of stairs, turned a few corners, and showed me to my room.

"Here you are. Hope you like it," the Chief said.

"It is my honour to be in your presence, sir," I replied with friendliness.

"Do your best to contribute to make our Tribe a better place to live in," the Chief replies.

I smiled, as I can move on from my past. "Ahh..." I returned to the present.

The next morning, the sun rose, as I overlooked the entire City. "All right! Training," I said to myself.

"Morning Noatak," the Chief greeted.

"Morning Sir," I replied.

"Let's take a walk, shall we," he asks.

"Water Warriors here trains with Tonraq, as they are the city's elite defence force. The men and women over there trains with Unalaq, to expand their horizons in the art of chi and healing. Finally, over there is Hahn, a former warrior who fought in the Hundred Year War, trains non bending adults of the Northern Water Tribe to survive, and learn the art of forging weapons, and using them. Whom would you like to train with?"

"If you don't mind, I would like to train with the Water Warriors," I replied.

"Tonraq! Noatak is your new recruit, take it easy on him as it is his first day," the Chief told.

"Everyone, this is Noatak, a new member of our fighting force," Tonraq told everyone.

"Hello everybody!" I cheerfully said.

"Hello!" "Good Day," some of the members said.

"I need one person to step into the ring, to duel with Noatak," Tonraq said.

"Now, tough really got going..." I thought to myself.


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