By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe and Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
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Earth Kingdom



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Earth Kingdom


Ba Sing Se

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Dark brown

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Kyoushiro, Weed

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Tosa and X

Toube is a large fighting Tosa and old friend of Toph. He knew her since he was a pup but somehow was thrown into Altonia and has been living there since, and for the longest time was thought disappeared. He is also considered the strongest fighter ever like Toph.

Avatar: New Universe

S.F.C Arc

He first appears when Weed and Kyoushiro were practicing. He walks in right behind Raven and starts off by offering to give them a few pointers in fighting. Kyoushiro got angry at him but Toube adds in that Kyoushiro's training only works on dogs and not other animals, which they'll be fighting.

He walks off to greet the other fighters when he meets Toph again, filling her with glee. He explains to her what happened and promises to stay with her so she won't worry. Thanks to him that Kyoushiro, Raven and Weed managed to find them. As they were catching up, Toube suddenly saw RedX and gave chase after him. The two talked for a while and in the end, he and the two dogs went off so he can train them.

Toube continued talking to Weed that night as Thunder and Lector came in. He also informs some new rules upon the fighting, saying after Weed and Kyoushiro's match (if they win) they have to fight a few more consistence before gaining the prize.

Colossi Arc

After arriving to SOTC, Toube was mainly quiet until after Yveltal left, when he asks Xreneus about Valus's rubble. Before he can go with the others, he noticed that the statue's eyes were still glowing...he too was one of the chosen.

Later on that night, he snuck out of the castle in hopes of getting a head start on fighting these Colossi. Before he can find one, Momo and Silkie caught up to him and try to change his mind but already Valus and Vitrus, both his targets, show up. he played along with their game of "Keep-Away" for a while and finally gotten the Chakra orb.

Avatar: New Universe 2

Arc one

Toube appears in the sequel alongside Toph right after she was finished with her teaching as a metal-bender. He praises her for her teaching skills and reminds her about Katara and Aang's wedding, which freaks her out. He calms her down saying she has been working hard and he wasn't surprised if she had that slip from her mind.

He arrives with Toph to Ba Sing Se, and while he was there he meets the Freedom Fighters Smellerbee, The Duke, Pipsqueak, and Longshot, though he confuses The Duke for pipsqueak at first.

that night though, he finds out that the Freedom Fighters were pinned down by S.C.P. He sees Toph getting dragged into a portal and quickly tries getting her out, ending up getting dragged in himself as a result.

The portal had transported him into the titans world, at the time was caught in a horrid storm. he survives the crazy storm and thanks the Titans East for their help. He and Toph go out and try to figure things out but Smile Dog finds them again and bowed them and gagged them. He remained this way as Toph was thrown in the right portal as he was seemingly given to Dash for his "colors".

Arc 3

Toube, through most of the time, was trapped in the SCP foundation. He was sparred from Dash's deadly paint mainly because his were too bland in the end. He remained in his cell with SCP-P4 when Toph was thrown in and they were reunited again.

For the next few days, He didn't bother Toph too much, as she was trying to conjure up her ultimate form most of the time. He tried making her feel better when she failed again and began to retaliate when Ghost came in to take her away. He tried getting out but only made a dent in the door.

When Toph came back, he became more protective over her. Although she is strong, he still had his debt to take care of her when she needed it. He grew extremely protective when it was time to take her away. He and Smile Dog fought for a while until Toph as out, to which he kept trying and trying again to break the door down and save his friend. He kept doing this, hurting himself more and more until Kaibutsu simply bashed the door down for him. He went and rescued Toph before anything got worse and then began to run out.

While outside, Toube kept them at guard and tried to keep them safe for a while when Shuck came over. He immediately goes on the offensive and tries to keep him back until he was told that he's a friend. He still was worried over Toph but eventually ends up going with Shuck's plan.

The following final escape, Toube and Toph were to wait outside with Kaibutsu to fight off the outside guards so the one on the inside can't call for reinforcements as the great escape took place.

Avatar: New Universe III

Toube never officially appears in this story except for a flashback by Katara and Zuko. turns out during the time between Slenderman and now, he decides to go his own way, seeing they can take care of themselves. Despite Toph's sadness he's leaving, he gives her a final goodbye and goes off on his own.

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