Earth Kingdom emblem
Earth Kingdom emblem By The Bos Part of the Avatar: Guardian continuity.
House in Senlin
Torung Village
Physical information

Western Earth Kingdom


Small village

Form of Government
  • Local democracy
  • Loyal to the Earth Kingdom central government
Head of State

Their Mayor; loyal to Earth King Kuei


Earth Kingdom Money

First appearance

Town of Fear

Torung Village is a small town in the western Earth Kingdom.


The town was repeatedly attacked by Fire Nation forces during the War. This was in large part due to the fact that most of its males had been sent off the fight in other areas of the kingdom. This fact still remains largely true, as many of the men have yet to return to the town.

Recent History

Senlin destroyed

The village is attacked

This town was one of many attacked by the Dai Li in their search for Earth King Kuei. One villager was attacked on his way back into the town by a lone agent, forcing the town to be shaken by fear. Team Avatar eventually arrives to attempt to gather information, just in time for the Dai Li to strike again. Toph directly duels Long Feng, outclassing him greatly. The rest of the team fights other agents, eventually driving them back. Although the town is safe, the Team soon realizes that the town leader is missing.

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