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The Mayor of Torung Village is a minor character in Avatar: Guardian.

Rise to Power

The mayor was always a hard worker, working hard in school and becoming a leader in the town. Eventually, he was elected mayor of the town, a position he held ever since. His town was largely unaffected by the War, though many of their adult males had to leave the town.

Post-War Peace

After the war, the town was experiencing a relieved feeling, though many of their men hadn't returned yet. He presided over a peaceful period after the war, but chaos eventually returned to the area, when the Dai Li raided his town.

He is taken captive, even though Team Avatar arrives to drive the Dai Li from the town. He is interrogated by Long Feng, but as he knows little about Long Feng's target, he is allowed to live. After the Dai Li abandon the base, he is freed by Team Avatar, and tells them everything he knows about a mysterious man and his pet bear.

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