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Although it is not known how long Tori has resided in the Southern Water Tribe, but it has to have been more than 15-20 years due to the fact that her story has been told to 6 year old Kwato and Kwata, plus her story is supposed to be legendary in that area. Tori was probably seen some long time ago, due to her legend. It is questionable if she was a monstrous beast like she appears in her story, but it is unlikely due to her current peaceful spirit. It is more likely that someone saw her and was so scared by her size and appearance that they just assumed her monstrous acts to be likely (similarly to what Kwato and Hiroshima did in The Beast.) Tori also at some point had traveled the world due to her telling Kwata so in chapter 2.

Tori had taken residence in a cave somewhere south of the city. She was found by Kwata who was not scared off by Tori's appearance due to Kwata's blindness. Kwata had run away from home to avoid her destiny. Tori had spoke with Kwata through their spirits. Tori helped Kwata realize the world was nothing to be afraid due to both of their previous travels around it. Kwata had protected Tori from Hiroshima and Kwato by explaining what Tori had done to help her. Tori returned home with the kids and after Kwato had taken action against the invaders Tori flew off. As Kwato began to weaken during battle Tori appeared and easily scared off the enemy troopers by simply roaring. Kazashi however wasn't scared and launched a fireball at Tori's wing making her crash on the ground. Kwato had seemed very sad about this. Tori later appeared wearing a Water Tribe harness usually used for large buffalo yaks, with Hiroshima riding atop of her. She later flew off with the gang riding on her away from the land to begin their journey.


Tori seems to be a kind and gentle giant. She also seems to recognize people for what is inside like she did with Kwata when first meeting her. She is likely to have a strong spirit since she was able to use it to connect with Kwata. She is also very intelligent knowing when to fly off without any type of signal and being able to sense when a friend is in trouble like she did with Kwato when he was in trouble.


Tori is known for scaring off enemies or misunderstanding people. She is a large Komodo Hawk, meaning she is able to fly. It is important to know that since she is part reptile she is cold-blooded which questions some why she would choose to live in the South Pole, however it is possible her cave was simply warm enough to keep her alive or maybe because of a thin layer of feathers all around her body possibly providing warmth.


  • Tori is Japanese for Bird.
  • Tori's species is a Komodo Hawk, which is an original creature created for NTB.

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