By Gingalover Part of the Brotherhood continuity.
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Torch is the leading member of the Gang and a specialized firebender.


Torch is the most royal of the group, coming from a rich firebending family. However for much of it, he wasn't all that noticed much. He practiced his special firebending in order to even get noticed by his parents but when he learned how to ignite his body without burning himself, he instead made his parents now scared of him instead of being impressed. He decided to save his parents the trouble and simply left and ran away on a cargo ship, being dropped off in Republic City.

Personality and Relationships

Torch is a rather serious guy and makes for a good leader of the group. Though he might be rather rough, he is still understandable to new people, and rather nice. He is also a-bit charismatic, as it was shown when he was talking to Kendra to get out of trouble.

The Gang + the brothers

He is rather respectable towards his fellow team, despite the fact he's the boss. He doesn't treat his friends like sidekicks, and tries his best to protect them, even to the death if he must. This goes for Alex and Leo too.


Though he is against her, he and Kendra are a bit close. they both picture each other rather badly, but Torch knows her inside and out, so he always knows what to do with her if they get into trouble with her.

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