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Torao Mori
Biographical information

United Republic



Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Fighting style(s)

Earthbending, Metalbending


Zian Ye, Jie Kita, Moshui


Order of the White Lotus

Chronological and political information

Anying Jiaoben


Torao Mori is an earthbender, metalbender, and member of the criminal organization Anying Jiaoben. He is assigned by Moshui to be a part of Zian's Team Avatar.


Torao is best defined as fairly tall and of low-body fat, standing at about 185 centimeters and weighing approximately 75 kilograms. He is fairly light-skinned, though has enough tan that it is clear he spends some time outside. His hair is a dark brownish gray color and when let down falls to just above his shoulders. For working and training, Torao pulls his hair back in one of two ways: either by creating a quarter-ponytail by pulling one half of his hair back (see image) or pulling both sides into a quick half-ponytail. Like most earthbenders, Torao's eyes are a deep, emerald green. Probably Torao's most defining characteristic, however, is his arm. After losing his right forearm at a young age, through special circumstances Torao obtained a metal prosthetic arm almost reminiscent of that of the assassin "Combustion Man".


A man of few words, Torao is often lumped into the "strong and silent" stereotype. However, Torao is by no means a part of this cliché. Even with his muscular build and prowess in bending, Torao prefers to avoid physical combat. Instead, the earthbender favors his mind and inventions as weapons. By practically every standard, Torao is a genius: not only a prodigy at inventing, he further has an exceptional ability for puzzle solving and strategy games. Most do not realize this at first since, unlike many on par with Torao, he prefers not to brag about his mental prowess. Though quiet and humble, Torao is exceedingly judgmental and stubborn, seeming to never falter with holding a grudge or an opinion.


Earthbending - Torao is a fairly advanced earthbender, though Moshui suggested he has not yet mastered the bending art.
Metalbending - In order to control his special prosthetic arm, Torao learned metalbending and now applies the art to every day circumstances as well as combat situations.
Inventing - The primary reason Torao was selected as a member of Team Avatar is his ability to invent and create through metalbending various weapons. Among these weapons include extensions of his prosthetic arm, particularly an electric charge feature similar to the gloves of the Equalists and a hidden gun activated through metalbending.


Torao is a Japanese name meaning "tiger man". Mori is a Japanese surname meaning "forest".
• The idea for Torao's prosthetic arm is based on a fanfiction MibuWolf wrote between Book One and Book Two of A:TLA, in which a character had a stone arm controlled through earthbending.
• Torao's art was drawn by the writer, MibuWolf.
• HammerOfThor also contributed a beautiful full-body sketch of Torao.

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