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In this new story, Toph and Ty Lee have attended a music dancing festival where they encounter a man who uses a specially designed flute to play a music that compels people into dancing. When Toph gets suspicious, she and Ty Lee were going to stop him, but they get mesmerized by the music as they are being forced to dance. Will Toph and Ty Lee enjoy the festival? Can they put an end to the evil style of dancing? Can this day get any better? Find out!


The episode starts off with Ty Lee picking up some flowers but the wind blows away as Toph sits on a rock and does nothing as Ty Lee causes the blind Earthbender to laugh by tickling her just as Toph was ready to walk on her feet again. In the meantime, Toph and Ty Lee were walking in the woods while they get surrounded by a group of bandits who were going steal their stuff, but the girls use the skills to take down the bandits as they continue their walk in the woods. Just then, Ty Lee heard some music which means that a town is nearby.

They approach the town when there's a music festival going on as they were greeted as guest. Toph was enjoying the food while Ty Lee plays with some kids. As the two girls were having fun, they were watching a show feature a man wearing a fancy coat and pants was playing music with some drums as Ty Lee began to dance for some reason as Toph was moving her arms too.

As the festival was over, Toph had a bad feeling about the guy as she and Ty Lee went back to investigate, but Ty Lee want to eat first in which Toph was also hungry when her stomach begins to gargle as the girl began to eat steaming sea slug as Toph and Ty Lee were happily eaten and gotten very full as they started to camp in the woods to rest.

Now that it's morning, the girls agreed that it's time to shop for some supplies for their journey When they sneak into his tent as they heard him plans to use his music for some crimes, scamming people out of their money and gets caught by him. As Toph uses her Earthbending to block the exits as he supposedly agree to surrender as he plays a flute which causes Toph and Ty Lee to dance without any control of their bodies as they collapse from exhaustion.

But the worst part was they keep on dancing again and again as they complain about how tired their muscles are. When the music stops and with Toph and Ty Lee unable to move their arms and legs as Toph protest that she can't move in which Ty Lee says the same thing.

The flute man ties them up to chairs as the flute man reveals that he will manipulate the whole town into dancing so that their money would fall out of their pockets while he takes all the money and became rich, but the girls think that using dancing for crime is very pathetic as he says it's a great idea. With Toph and Ty Lee tied up, the flute man was up to play his music which places everyone in a trance. Ty Lee had unties herself and Toph as they rush off to stop the flute man's plan.

Toph reminds Ty Lee that they must keep their ears covered as quick when the music is playing. Meanwhile, in the middle, the flute man plays his music in front of the entire town, forcing every man, woman and child into dancing and he will keep playing unless the town's people give him all of their money and jewelry as they are to dance until they collapse from exhaustion or die.

Despite this, they can still feel their bodies moving by themselves as Toph was unable to take out the flute man because she is under the dancing spell. But thanks to Ty Lee, she uses her foot to knock the flute from the flute man's hands as she chi blocks him as they reveal the flute man's crime and have him arrested while the town's people thank the girls for saving the day as they leave for their next journey. Ty Lee tells Toph that she really enjoyed the dancing for a minute until it was used for evil as Toph laughs.


  • Toph: They got some tasty food here.
  • Ty Lee: I don't remember doing these dance moves.
  • Toph I can't stop! My feet feel so tired!


  • Toph
  • Ty Lee


  • Ty Lee was wearing the outfit she had wore in the Book 3 episode, "The Beach".

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