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Toph will be introduced in The Last Airbender 2.

The sequel to The Last Airbender will require an actress to play the part of Toph Beifong. Even though the second film in the planned trilogy has not yet been greenlit, speculative discussion on who will play the character has arisen. Several fans of the original series have even put themselves forward as candidates, through Avatar fan sites and forums, supported by videos on YouTube. This is by no means a complete list of Toph candidates.

There has been no public comment from Paramount on the matter. It is assumed that Paramount will have a casting call for Toph if the company decides to continue the trilogy. Until then, speculation on Avatar fan sites continues.

Toph Beifong is not listed as no one has been announced to play her character but speculations and suggestions abound in here. Shyamalan indicated in the roundtable discussion that Toph will be an Asian cast member[nb 2]:

"...Whoever I ended up with, I went that was their nationality. Suki was Jessica [Andres] who is a mix of Filipino. And now the Earth Kingdom is all Asian so Toph[nb 3] will have to be Asian. Suddenly I was looking at the board and I thought, this works for me, because everything was represented..."

List of fan candidates

This is a list of the few candidates that have been put forward on fan sites, blogs and YouTube and other websites. As Paramount has not begun casting for Toph, these "candidates" and members of the general public have an equal chance of receiving the role.

The candidates, with the exception of Jade-Lianna Peters, are all unknown. Most have been preparing for the role by taking acting classes, securing agents, and learning a form of Martial Arts. The actresses all have a secure fanbase, though some only have pictures, or videos. As you can see, not all are Asian, but they still feel that even though they aren't they are still a contender for the role. However, this would prove impossible as Shyamalan stated above that Toph would have to be Asian. Please do not remove any candidates from this list, unless there is no longer any interest from a would-be actress or her fans.

Name Ethnicity Acting Martial Arts/Sport
Meg Barron Mexican-Italian Yes Yes - Soccer
Emilirose Asian-American No No - Unknown
Megan Lewallen American Yes Yes - Dancing and Karatedo
Julia Htay Asian-British Yes No - Unknown
Jade-Lianna Peters Asian Yes No - Unknown
Erin Kong Asian-American No Yes - Dancing and Cheerleading
Karen Vo Asian-American Yes Yes - Wushu, Shaolin, and Capoeira.
Wing Kin Chu Asian No No-Unknown
Jayne Swendsen American Yes Yes - Dancing and Swimming
Jenny Kirkpatrick Filipino-Apache Yes Yes - genbukan, hung gar, amateur pole dancing, and roller blading.
Karen Ranara Asian No Yes - Karatedo, Arnis, and Badminton
Jessica So Asian-American Yes Yes - Basketball and Soccer
Kaiyi Hall​ Chinese-American Yes Yes - Softball, Track, Dance, and Tennis
Lilly Lee Korean-American Yes Yes - Volleyball, Dance, Soccer, Cheer, and Tennis
Jade Basso Filipino-American Yes Yes - Seibukan Shorin-Ryu Karate, Softball
Rhayne Layson Filipino Yes Yes - Badminton, Taekwondo, and Arnis
Julienne Cruz Filipino Yes Yes - Arnis, Taekwondo, Dancing and Badminton
Andrea Martinez Mexican-American Yes Yes- Tae Kwon Do, Brazilian Jiu Jitzu, Wrestling, Track/Cross Country, Soccer,
Jiliane Magaway Asian-Filipino Yes Yes- Dancing, Taekwando

Don't delete any candidates from this list

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