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Toph Beifong (tRR)
Biographical information

The Blind Bandit


Earth Kingdom

Birth place



Gaoling, Ba Sing Se




87 AG

Physical description


Hair color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)
  • Earthbending
  • Metalbending

Lao Beifong, Poppy Beifong


Hokai, Sokka, Katara, Zuko, Aang, Iroh, Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom, Iroh, Kuei


Dai Li, Long Feng, Admiral Shinzou, Red Revolt, Azula

Chronological and political information
  • Earthbending Master
  • Earthbending Teacher
  • Professional Earthbending Wrestler
  • Metalbending Master
  • Team Avatar
  • Beifong Family



Avatar Aang

Toph Beifong was a powerful Earthbender and Metalbender and an important ally of Team Avatar. She was an important figure at ending the Hundred Year War and bringing peace to the World.


Toph Beifong was born in Gaoling in 87 AG to the Beifong family, one of the richest families in all of the world. She was born blind, which led her parents to believe that she was helpless. Toph learned Earthbending at a young age and received the knowledge from badgermoles.

Toph was heavily protected by her parents and received only the basic Earthbending training. However, she sneaked out at points and joined the Earth Rumble Tournaments and became its best Earthbending fighter under the surname of "The Blind Bandit".

Toph was tracked by Team Avatar, as Aang was seeking an Earthbending teacher, who listened to the Earth. He found her at the Earth Rumble VI. After attempts to convince her parents failed, Toph escaped from home, accompanying the gang on their journey to end the War, and agreeing to teach Aang. Eventually, Toph also mastered Metalbending and proved significant in ending the War.

After the war she set on another journey to win the Earth Rumble VI, which she easily won.

She was reunited with Team Avatar in a small town bordering the Dessert, where she jokingly ambushed the rest of the Gaang. She then travelled with the others to Ba Sing Se, where she helped train King Kuei's soldiers to fight against the Dai Li. After the coup she and the others travelled the world, seeking the Lost Air Nomad tablet, which they found in the Southern Air Temple. She then accompanied her friends to the Eastern Air Temple, where Sokka would begin his Airbending training.

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