Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Toph Beifong's Greatest Threat in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Older Toph Beifong
Toph Beifong's Greatest Threat
Toph in the ceremony
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Toph Beifong's Greatest Challenge

By the time of spring day by day Republic City is in chaos but when Toph became chief it all changed.......

Episode 1

The Ceremonial Attack

Toph said, "To all citizens of Republic City we are now facing a large threat in our city the horrifing thriads. However, even though I am blind, I am the world's elite metalbender! Today I proclaim to create the metalbending police force!" Dozens of people sent applause, yelling and shouting at the blind woman.

"Yakone, what we should do?" said Loftoy.

"Relax, Loftoy we'll do something about this."

Meanwhile, in the ceremony, Republic City press sent questions to be answered. "So, Toph. Now that there's a police. What will you do to the thriads?" the news reporter asked.

"Thriads? The thriads are like bugs you can just crush and and defeat them in a split of time."

Suddenly, a hooded man started to firebend the whole crowds. He is a firebending master. His power, nobody could beat him except the Fire Lord and the Avatar themselves. He generated a lightning to the officers, ambushing the ceremony on Republic City. He contacted his fellows, the hooded-people to ambushing them. The crowds turned to a great panic. Screaming aloud, they ran away, split like a colony of ants.

People started to yelled, "We're doomed!"

"Spirits, guide us!"


Toph earthbended those people who are wearing a hoodie. Toph shouted, "Mobilze the entire police force! We shall stop the thriads."

Episode 2

Foundation of The Agini kai thriad

"Toph, we heard rumors of a Agni Kai Triad uprising."

"You gotta be kidding me!"

"I am not kidding you!"

"Toph, we also located a small group of thriad boat. Send a group of police boats to that place now!"

"Yes ma'am."

Police boat

Police boats sent by Toph to arrest the triad members.

"Freeze this is police!" The police officers shouted aloud, gazed at the triad members.

The police surrounded the small group of triad boats. But, exactly the triad firebenders generated lightning to the police boats and the waterbenders made a wave causing the boats to sink.

"Toph, our police boats have sinked!

"What?! said Toph. "Impossible! We sent 15 police boats there! It can't be! we are facing dark times we are facing dark times."

"Indeed, Toph."

Episode 3

Airship Barrage

"Toph, our first airships is now patrolling Republic City."

"Good job." Toph exclaimed. "How much airships?"

"About 19 airships, Chief."


Equalist airship underside

A Thriad Airship

"Toph, look!"

"Oh my! Send all airships to pursue that thriad airship! Now!"

"Yes, Chief Beifong!"

The communication officer said, "Calling all police airships pursue the red thriad airship! This is an order from Chief Beifong. "

The police airships sent, racing toward the triad. "Toph, one of our airship down! I repeat, one airship down!" Meanwhile, an officer sacrifice himself to destroy the airship.

Episode 4

Tracking Yakone

Toph woke up in the morning. "What a nice day," said the blind bandit.

Suddenly, The telephone rang

A sharp tone was heard from the phone, "Toph we located Yakone."

"Well let see if he can get out this time around."

Toph went to the headquarters fast as a leopard.

"Where is Yakone?" Toph shouted.

"Chief Yakone is located at downtown Republic City."

"Hmm.. Captain Chaoun!"

"Yes, Chief Beifong?"

"Gather a task force to arrest Yakone."

"Yes, Chief Beifong!"

Downtown Station in Republic City

downtown Republic City

Toph's Task force searched the entire Republic City but they did not find Yakone.

Episode 5

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