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Toph Bei Fong, one of the main characters in The Weatherbenders, is widely considered the greatest active Earthbender in the world, despite her youth. She is one of Team Avatar's most powerful allies, helping in the fight against the Meteorologists even though she is unable to use any form of Weatherbending.


87 - 100 AG

Toph was born in Gaoling to the wealthy Bei Fong family, specifically by far one the wealthiest in the world. She was born blind, which led her parents, Lao Bei Fong and Poppy Bei Fong, to believe she was helpless. Toph discovered her Earthbending abilities at a young age, and received instruction from Badgermoles.

Toph was heavily sheltered by her parents, and was given just basic training from Master Yu. However, she sneaked out at points and joined Earth Rumble VI, becoming the tournament's top Earthbender, under the surname "The Blind Bandit".

100 AG

Toph was later tracked down by Team Avatar, as Aang was seeking an Earthbender who listened to the Earth. At Earth Rumble, that's when they discovered her. After attempts to convince her parents failed, Toph escaped from home, accompanying the gang on their journey to end the War, and agreeing to teach Aang. Eventually, Toph also mastered Metalbending and proved significant in ending the War.

More information can be found in the canon Toph Bei Fong article.

After the War

Toph later returned with the gang to Gaoling, where her parents accepted her for what she was, albeit hesitantly. She decided to remain in Gaoling and took over ownership of and teaching at Master Yu's Earthbending Academy.

The Weatherbenders continuity

Re-uniting with Team Avatar

Toph was called on again to re-join Team Avatar when she heard of the new threat to the world that was waged via the manipulation of weather. She joined them when they picked her up in Gaoling, leaving the Academy in the hands of The Boulder, now retired from Earth Rumble VI.


She was forced to battle for the first time in two years, allying with Mai against Ezan when Team Avatar encountered The Meteorologists in chapter five. Mai later left this fight to stand in for an injured Zuko. Toph was overwhelmed by Ezan's strong Firebending, her hands and feet burned mid-battle, rendering her unable to fight. She would become overwhelmed when Zorro and Ezan performed heat manipulation.

Toph would be taken to the Southern Water Tribe with the rest of the team following these events for healing. While there, they all learned of Ty Lee's death. This even brought the normally headstrong Toph to tears.


Afterwards, Toph journeyed from the Southern Water Tribe to the Earth Kingdom with the rest of the team. She agreed to trust Reeaki, and also tried to push Sokka to trust him.

Into the Earth Kingdom

Toph joined the team in traveling to Ba Sing Se and through the rest of the Earth Kingdom. She was determined to stop the Fire Nation, which had fallen to Zorro and the Meteorologists. When the team was camping out in the central part of the nation, a fight erupted, instigated by Katara and Mai, sucking in Aang, Sokka and Zuko. After Reeaki failed to break it up, Toph stepped in, and by stomping the ground, knocked the fighters down, with this leading to apologies by all parties.

In the final battle

Toph agreed to join Mai, Suki, and Reeaki in the fight for the Earth Kingdom. On the first day, her and Reeaki easily overwhelmed invading forces from the Fire Nation at Senlin Village, then joined their other allies as the fight shifted to the Mining village. Despite efforts, the Fire Nation captured the village.

The next day, Toph proved her skills, defeating several Firebenders and other Fire Nation forces as they worked to march towards Fong's base. She worked her Metalbending skills into the fight as well, crushing tanks, and also worked to combine her skills with Mai to defeat several soldiers. Despite her best efforts, however, the Fire Nation made it to the base, and only a crushing move from Reeaki stopped the march.

Toph later re-united with her friends when they returned from the other battles. She will likely head home and continue her previous works with the conflict over.


Toph is a very strong-minded individual, one who is tough to break. She developed her personality through years of fighting, and also seems to be one to rebel, not accepting the higher ideals of her parents.


Toph is one of, if not the best Earthbender in the world. She is the only active Earthbender to have mastered the art of Metalbending, mastering it to break out of a cage she was held in by Master Yu and Xin Fu. Despite her blindness, she has developed a great sense of sight through seismic sense, which allows her to detect even the tiniest movement within the ground.

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