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By MightyBrit Part of the Child of Destiny continuity.
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Toph Bei Fong
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Earth Kingdom



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Light green (blind)

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A unique style of earthbending, Metalbending


Earth King Kuei, Aang, Zuko, Iroh


The Cult of Sozin, Pantu

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Bodyguard and advisor to the Earth King

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Asylum Seeker

Toph Bei Fong, often simply known as Toph, is a secondary protagonist in MightyBrit's Child of Destiny.

Before the story

After Toph helped Aang defeat Fire Lord Ozai, she briefly returned home, proud of her accomplishments in the war. However, her parents still refused to accept her as a warrior. When was approached by the Earth King to become his personal advisor (due to her ability to detect when people are lying to her), she jumped at the chance to get out of her parents' house. Over time, she became more than just a lie detector to the Earth King, becoming a renowned advisor for the matters of war and security within Ba Sing Se. She also honed her warrior abilities and became the Earth King's head bodyguard. During her life in Ba Sing Se, she became a regular customer and close friend of Iroh, despite their vast age difference.

During the story

Book One

Toph was enjoying tea with Iroh when she discovered Fire Nation soldiers marching on the royal palace. She quickly ran back to the Earth King and assisted him when he was dealing with emissaries from the Cult of Sozin. He was soon attacked by Pantu, a cultist Firebender, but Toph used her bending abilities to prevent anyone from the Earth Kingdom being hurt and imprisoned Pantu in the underground prison of Lake Laogai.

After Zuko and Aang arrived in Ba Sing Se to find the Cult of Sozin, she participated in the war meeting and was the only member there who wasn't in charge of their own nation. She also led Zuko and Aang to the prison where Pantu was held. Whilst there, Pantu threatened Zuko by using his mother. Zuko soon revealed to her and Aang that his mother was alive, but had lost her memory, married an Earth Kingdom baker, and was living in Ba Sing Se. Zuko was very confused about what to do now that he had unintentionally led the Cult of Sozin to his mother's location, so Toph took the initiative and arranged for Zuko's mother and new stepfather to be moved into a house right next to the royal palace, so that she could protect them at the same time she protected the Earth King.

With Iroh, she lamented Yue's death from within the walls of Ba Sing Se.

Book Two

Toph was reunited with her father, Lao Bei Fong, and allowed him to stay with her for a couple days out of family courtesy. She soon learned, however, that he had betrayed the whole city by bribing an Earthbender to allow a squad of cultists led by Xiani into the city. A furious Toph threatened her father until she learned all he knew of the attack before she renounced the name Bei Fong and all the entitlements that go with it.

She quickly warned the Earth King about the battle before rushing to defend Zuko's mother in the marketplace. Since the attack was planned by Azula, who had prior knowledge of Toph's abilities and weaknesses, the whole attack was designed around her and to make it difficult for her to defend Ursa. True to her nature, Toph did not give up and defended Ursa successfully from an expert squad of Yu Yan Archers and the combustion talents of the Twins. After defeating almost all the archers with a mudslide, Toph was shot with a poison-tipped arrow by Xiani, which slowly incapacitated her, though she was saved by the timely arrival of Iroh. Before passing out, she managed to land one final blow against the Twins, using her bending to knock them both out on the other's head.

After the attack, Toph and Iroh agreed that it was time for Ursa to recover her lost memories. To achieve that goal, Toph took Ursa away from Ba Sing Se in search of Katara.


Toph remains a brash, crude and tomboyish individual, but her new job as advisor and bodyguard to the Earth King has given her a strong sense of responsibility. She is incredibly stubborn and takes incredible pride in her bending abilities. She believes she is the best Earthbender in the world, but she's not vain, because she probably is.

She also proves in Shot in the Dark that she will not break a promise easily as she risks her life to keep her promise to Zuko. It's also been shown that she has picked up a lot of personality traits from Iroh, such as a love of fine tea and a hatred of being interrupted when she is drinking it.


Toph is probably the greatest Earthbender in the world. She has totally mastered Earthbending and can manipulate earth from a long distance away. She also developed the ability to bend metal by bending the impurities of earth within the ore, while she used to only be able to do this by touching the metal, but now she can do it at a distance, much like her Earthbending. She remains the only Earthbender in the world who can Metalbend.

By sensing the vibrations and changes in someone's heartbeat, Toph can tell if someone is lying and read basic emotions, such as fear.

To compensate for her lack of sight, she has developed and mastered a seismic sense which allows her to feel the vibrations through earth and metal. She can see a lot further than a person using regular sight, with a 360 degree angle, and through obstacles that would block regular sight, but she cannot see anything that isn't on earth or metal. During the attack on Ba Sing Se, the Cultists use Toph's unique form of sight against her by using thatch roofs (which Toph finds difficult to see though) to keep themselves hidden and by using arrows, which are invisible to Toph while in flight.

Toph has also proven herself to be of above average hardiness, resisting the paralytic effects of a Shirshu's venom long enough to deal one final blow against her attackers and is able to get up and keep going after being shot by an arrow; she even demanded Iroh burn her wound shut, so she would not have to wait for it to heal naturally.

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