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Toph Bei Fong
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Earth Kingdom


88 AG

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5 ft. 2 in.

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light Green (Blind)

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Earth Kingdom


Yu, Badger Moles




50,000 Gold pieces

Toph is one of the main targets in Avatar: Wanted. After the defeat of Ozai, she went back home and reconciled with her parents.

The Assassin Nero

Three years after Ozai's defeat and world is at peace. Toph has left her home again and is currently living in Omashu. Unfortunately someone is not happy with the way the war turned out and has hired a dangerous group of assassins to kill her and the rest of Team Avatar. The first one sent is a man named Nero.

Toph's Bet

Toph is still as sarcastic as ever, still calls Aang "Twinkle Toes", and still punches people in the arm. She evidently had a bet with Katara regarding how long it would take Aang to show up, and won.

Six Against One

While the others are talking about what to do about Nero before they turn in for the night, Toph interrupts by shouting that she was trying to sleep. The next day Nero attacks the entire team. During the fight Toph tried to trap him in earth, but the assassin was too agile to be caught. Once Nero had been captured, Zuko stood poised to finish him, but Aang intervened and talked him out of it. Once Nero escapes he quickly overpowers the team. She escapes with the rest of the team when Appa saves them.

"Watching" Aang's Fight

Toph comments that Sokka still makes it too easy to prove him wrong after Nero attacks them again. She "watches" along with the others as Aang duels his opponent.

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