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Toph Bei Fong
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Toph Bei Fong is a main character in Avatar: Guardian. She is still helping Aang finish his Earthbending training and helping him maintain peace in the world.

Before Guardian Edit

After the end of the war, Toph spent a few months in Omashu with Bumi, and taught him to master Metalbending. She learned from him as well, becoming a master in bending rock candy, which she carries in her pocket (in case she gets hungry). Besides from her stay in Omashu, she stayed with Aang, Sokka, and Katara and went on peace keeping missions around the world and helped stop natural disasters.

Guardian Edit

Into the Fire Nation Edit

Toph was with Aang and Katara when they responded to the villagers in Jang Hui's request to help them with a flood of their village. Her sarcastic comments are what led Aang to go and talk to Fire Lord Zuko about the massive outbreak in natural disasters plaguing the world.

Battle at the Prison Edit

After an explosion rocks the entire capital, Team Avatar investigates. The source is the Royal Prison, where former Fire Lord Ozai is being held. Toph makes a tunnel so they can reach his secluded cell faster. When they arrive, Ozai is missing, and they go back up through the tunnel. There is a battle going on outside the prison, and Toph plays an active role, taking out many invaders, and even using Earthbending to capture them.

Ambushed Edit

After searching for the invaders, and making blind jokes, Toph and the team head back to the palace, where they rest for the night. The next day, while interrogating a traitor, The team is ambushed by the Dai Li. Toph battles them, and defeats many before they retreat. Toph, along with the rest of the team, is convinced that the recent events are not coincidence, and that they need to gather the rest of the team before something bad happens.

Picking up Sokka Edit

She follows the rest of the team to pick up Sokka, and follows the rest of the team in trying to find Aang after he goes to pick up a hilt for his wind sword. She helps fight the Firefighters, who manage to escape.

Making a plan Edit

As the group rests after their battle, Toph asks them what they are going to do about the number of organizations that want to resume fighting the war. She thinks, and goes along with Aang's plan of following the Avatar Cycle. She sends a small earth wave to knock Sokka into the air when he tries to make a joke.

Rescuing a village Edit

Toph accompanies the group into a village to look for something to eat. There, the team meets a teenager who asks them to rescue his village from a group of waterbenders. Toph fights along with Zuko against Karno, the powerful waterbender left in charge of the town. She manages to pull him into the earth, which leads to Zhentu being able to kill him. Later, she wakes up due to Aang's nightmares, and helps him in her special, blunt way.

Being Ambushed Edit

Toph is seen training with Aang, helping him finish his Earthbending training. She throws large boulders towards Aang for him to block. The next morning, she saves the group by raising an earth column, preventing them from drowning. Due to her inability to see through the ice, she is unable to participate in the battle, an event she is not proud of.

Toph is nearly drown when the Aqua Assaulters ambush the team. Katara and Sokka manage to save her, but she remains unconscious for the entire battle. She wakes up and is mad at her ignorance for not realizing that there was another attack. She helps repel Mitros and Katas when they arrive to attack the team for the third time.

Chasing Mitros Edit

Toph follows the team into Xian, where they discover that the Firefighters have taken over the town. Toph duels Katas and wins, eventually pinning him to a wall. Despite their attacks and timing, the team is still unable to prevent their escape.

After loosing his trail, Aang takes the team to the Southern Air Temple. Toph complains about how this dirt is the same as any other dirt, but still follows Aang around.

Toph doesn't battle against the Firefighters, as she is unable to see on ice. She rides off on Appa while the other team battles. After the battle is over, she remarks on Sokka's happy attitude.

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