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Book 2: Earth -

Toph is a powerful Earth Bender who works as a Farmer with her friends Smith and Smellerbee.

She was born in a royal family of Bei Fong. Her life was reasonable for any girl for royal treatment, getting everything she wanted. But there was one thing she always wanted that her parents simply won't give her because she is blind...freedom. For some time in her childhood, she could never find out how to see without her eyes until her closest friend, Smith, decided to bring her to the best earth-benders he knows, Badger-moles. She spent a few days with them, learning not only earth-bending, but how to sense her surroundings. She returned much stronger and more durable. But after a while, she learned that the royal life wasn't for her, so she decided to run away along with Smith, making sure to leave a note (written by Smith) for her parents.

For sometime since then, despite all the new dangers she had to deal with, she found it much more suited for her. During her traveling, she came across Smellerbee and decided to take her in as a sister after hearing what happened to her.

Ginga Densetsu Avatar

Book 2: Earth

Toph first appears with Smith and Smellerbee when they were traveling to Ba Sing Se when GB stumbled in their way. She didn't seemed surprised, since she had already heard them before they showed up. She also seemed to already know what happened to Katara and the Lamprey Worm so she managed to remove it successfully. She humbly offered them a lift and after a while, Team Avatar accepted the offer.

Later on she began to train Aang on earth-bending, but each training method didn't turn out so well. Her last method, pushing a boulder down and Aang to stop it in its tracks, got the worst of it, especially when Korra interstates and pushed Aang out of the way before it smashed him. This caused a huge argument with almost everyone, but they all stopped almost instantly with GB's desperate scream. She shows up later relaxing in one of the natural hot springs. She sensed Aang coming and made a tall rock wall before he got over, saying she doesn't want any perverts in their spring.

For most of the time in Ba Sing Se, she mainly stayed around in their home relaxing and bored until she sensed an unknown man came to their door and gave them the letter. They all left and were caught in the invasion. Toph was mainly fighting in general until Aang was attacked.

Book 3: Fire

Toph in rags

Kurohabaki Clan member Toph

For most part she had made only a small appearance in the arc until she and Sokka went to collect supplies for the trip. She and Sokka talked for a bit until she sensed Kite's soldiers and a fight breaks out. During this she was rammed off the cliff, catching the rope that Sokka thrown to her. She tried to climb up, but Kite slices her feet open and removes the skin! She was brought up, now can't really see well due to her now stinging feet. She could only watch as Sokka was carried off and Kite closing in when another dog leaps in and rams them both down the clifface, saving her from Kite.

She wakes up later in a spring in the middle of an elephant grass plain. She tries her best to get up but she stumbles back in due to the sharp stinging pain in her feet. While she was resting she is found by the Kurohabaki clan member, Kyoushiro. She and the white dog talked for a bit, hearing more about Kite. She tries to crawl out until Kyoushiro points out that she's doesn't have any cloths, hiding back in the springs as a result. Here she meets two more members, Hiro and Teru, who help her up, gave her some cloth to wear, and brought her back to base.

Toph was brought to the Tree Of Life, an ancient tree that the pack was mainly found in. Toph was amazed at the outside and inside of the great tree. She was brought to their co-founder, Marsamune, whom tells Teri to bring her to the water branch for rest.

She thought of herself incredibly small in the water spring in the branch. While resting, she meets Heizo and Tyson and was given food to eat. As they were talking she asks about who truly leads the clan. Heizo tells her a bit of their great leader, Usanda. She asks afterwards about the tree itself, getting the answer that it's not sure how ancient the tree was. She spent the night resting in the spring.

Toph woke up the next morning, now fully healed and able to stand, when Kyoushiro came out to check on her. After some conversation Tyson rushed in and told her of the Boiling Rock prison, and they all hightailed it to there. She helped make a path and get inside the prison, therefore finishing phase 1. During phase two she got on a too good of a disguise and was brought to a meeting from Ozai himself! At the end of the meeting she was caught by Bat and got shot in the eyes by Ozai's lightning as result. She was put in a prison cell, gripping her bleeding eyes, and it was here she finds and escapes with Usanda. She didn't know he was Usanda at first until he said his special saying.

For the next two days, she spent with her eyes bandaged and healing. When the two days finished up, Kyoushiro, Hiro and Tyson came in and took off her bandages. Surprisingly and ironically, the blast not only gave her eyesight back, but also enhanced it! As soon as they figured it out, she went to see Usanda. After some talking, she was about to go for a walk when Hiro stopped her, warning her of Sharptooth. She set her hand on the ground and found he was telling the truth. She got Usanda's tooth and went outside, holding the tooth in front of her. When Sharptooth appeared, everyone thought that the ghost Warren her, only to find her unscaved without the tooth in her hands.

Book 4: Air

Toph had left the Kurohabaki clan with Heizo and Tyson and was found on the Eastern Air Temple Islands by Smellerbee and Korra. She was very happy to be back and tells her story to the rest of Team Avatar, pretty much shocking everyone when she announced she's no longer blind. She went to find Suki and Sokka and told them of her new eyes. She uses her eyesight to good use and draws out a path for the team to take to get back to Ba Sing Se. She was told next of Smith's death. It shocked her and hurt but she knew tears won't bring back an old friend.

She remained a side character for most of the time since this event, getting a few lines in different scenes.


• Toph is the only member of Team Avatar who didn't participate in the invasion on the day of the black sun.

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