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Young Toph
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15, going on 16

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Green (blind)

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Unknown; currently lives with Kyoshi Dao

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Toph is the main character of Drive-ins. After undisclosed events when she was a young girl, she has lived in multiple foster homes. Currently, she lives with Kyoshi Dao, with whom she has an amiable, if rough relationship.[1]


Early life

As a child, Toph was adventurous and curious, much to the chagrin of her parents. Born blind, they constantly feared for her safety, and did whatever they could to minimise the damage she could do to herself. This included refusing to allow her to attend any form of social gathering—including kindergarten. Her mother refused to put her into a day-care program, instead hiring nannies to take care of Toph.

Since she could walk, Toph would collect items she found to be interesting to touch, including shaped rocks, materials, and things she was able to reach in her home and garden. She hid these items in the bottom of a small toy-chest, however when her nanny discovered the items, she threw them away. After telling her mother about what had occurred, she was brushed off, and claimed to be a liar. This event prompted her to run away. Due to this, and the events that followed, she was removed from her family not long afterward.

Life with Kyoshi

Toph was placed in Kyoshi's care only five months prior to the start of 'movie night' with Aang, a boy she met at one of her first homes, his girlfriend, Katara, and her brother, Sokka. Initially, Toph did not have a good relationship with Kyoshi, content to ignore her new carer. Kyoshi, however, refused to heed Toph's childish attitude and after butting heads on several occasions, won the younger girl's respect through sheer willpower, coming to respect Toph in her own way, too. She knows of Toph's smoking habit and on-going depression, but is unable to deal with it, preferring to allow Toph to use the addiction to help her deal with said depression.



Toph first met Jet when she was fourteen.[2] After running away from a new home, Jet saved her from being sexually abused by a group of men. After passing out, he took her to a make-shift home in the local Botanical Gardens, where, after waking up, she was offered a cigarette and a shot. She stayed with him for the rest of the day, going with him to a party later that night. After introducing her to his gang, he led her back to the park in which he saved her, stating that she needed to face her demons. After antagonising her, he manipulated her into sleeping with him, thereby losing her virginity and forming a 'give-and-take' relationship with him. Her liaisons with him would continue for another two years.[3] Her relationship with Jet caused tension between her and her friends; in particular, her friendship with Sokka suffered the most.[4]


Toph and Katara initially did not get along, with mutual miscommunication encouraging the rift that had sprung between the two. Toph was dismissive of Katara's attitude, unwilling to let the older girl talk to her.[5] It didn't take Toph long to see the benefits of having a female friend, however she was still uncertain of Katara and her motives.


  • Toph has lived in over thirty foster homes.


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