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Toph wins
Toph after her reunion with her parents.
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Earth Kingdom

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Brown (originally) gray

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Earthbender of Team Avatar


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Badger moles



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The Son of Roku

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Jessie Flower

Toph as she appears in Dennis Fielder's fanon.


Toph's appearance in Dennis Fielder's stories are hardly changed, though we do see Little Toph again during a flashback from The Reunion.


Toph maintains her feisty and quippy personality from the series.


Avatar: The Last Airbender: Book 4: Air

The Son of Roku

During a trip to Ember Island with the rest of Team Avatar, Toph learned that Zuko's maternal great grandfather was Avatar Roku, news that impressed Toph. Toph also agreed to look for Ursa with the rest of Team Avatar.

The Journey Begins

When Team Avatar made a pit stop at the South Pole, Toph stayed with Aang, Katara, Suki, and Mai. She complained about wear boots since she wasn't connected to the ground, but conceded the point when Suki pointed out that if she didn't, her feet would fall off from frostbite.

The New Recruit

When Ty Lee joined the team on Kyoshi Island, Toph welcomed her to the team with a punch to the shoulder, explaining that it was her way of showing affection, getting hit in the shoulder as well.

The Fire Nation Ambassador

After learning that Ursa had passed Omashu, Zuko noted that her direction would be Gaoling, which alarmed Toph.

Return to the Swamp

When Toph learned that the gang was over a swamp, Toph insisted on landing there, trying to get out of returning to Gaoling. She also explained her apprehension about going home to Ty Lee. When Team Avatar ended up separated in the Swamp, Toph ended up with Zuko, Mai, Ty Lee, and Tom-Tom. After Zuko's hallucination of Ursa, Toph suggested being quiet to give Zuko time to calm down. After the gang regrouped and met up with Huu, Toph heard that Ursa was still headed towards Gaoling when she passed through the Swamp.

The Bei Fongs

When the gang arrived at Gaoling and decided to talk to the Bei Fongs, Toph accused Aang of loving to take her out of her comfort zone. After being captured by Earthbenders employed by Toph's parents and brought to them, Toph pointed out that he got the letter from Toph that she ran away. Toph tried to protest Lao wanting to take her from the team, but Lao interrupted her. When Zuko talked about a game to decide Toph's fate, Toph was outraged and tried to object before Mai shushed her. After Zuko won the contest, Toph was happy about returning to the team, and it was revealed that when Ursa was in Gaoling for a year, she was Toph's nanny before leaving for Ba Sing Se via the Si Wong Desert.

The First Dragon Warrior

After making camp, Toph told Ty Lee she preferred living in a badger-mole's cave to a dragon's saliva gland as badger-moles were nicer. When rogue Air Nomad Malu's team attacked, Toph fought Long Feng, taunting him about taking orders from Malu while easily keeping Long Feng on the defensive. When a new foe called Kaizen's Dragon Warrior power activated, Toph was spared from attack thanks to her blindness. Toph is one of the view teammates not to get knocked out by Kaizen before he was knocked out by Zuko.

Author's Notes

Toph is mainly used as the strong girl of the stories, with her main arc being finally confronting her parents about her leaving face to face.

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