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"(A:TR) Ep.12: Jailbird Takes Flight"

Toph is a well profound, sarcastic, and rebellious earthbender who likes to spend time alone. This rebellious behavior made her more prone to criminal actions, only increasing when she hanged with June.


If there's one word to describe Toph, it would be rebellious, mainly because she doesn't like being told what to do. Most of the time when given an order she would either ignore it completely or just make an excuse why she can't (or won't) do it. Although she hates following rules, she does love to give orders, being slightly bossy in nature. Despite all of this, Toph isn't heartless, as she does care for those she loves, even if it doesn't show most of the time.



Toph befriends a badgermole

Toph meeting Yama.

Toph was born with worried-sick parents who thought Toph would be helpless since she was born blind. At first through her first year, she was a bit helpless for the most part, until one day she wandered off from her home when she was only 2. Her wandering got her meeting some badgermoles that lived in the mountains nearby. Instead of attacking her though, the badgermole, whom she named Yama, let her go with him. Toph learned how to use not just earthbending, but seismic sense, since badgermoles were blind as well. For a few weeks, Toph and Yama spent their time together until her parents found her secret and kept her under guard so she wouldn't run off again. This bummed her out, as she never saw Yama again, but at least she learned how to get around thanks to her new sense.

One day though, she was allowed to wander around the town by herself and she was confronted by June, the bounty hunter. After sometime talking, a bond was struck between them both and they soon became friends. While June saw her as a younger sister, Toph saw June as a mother icon and deeply bonded with her. This secret was better kept from her parents.

Book 1: Water

In the first book, Toph appeared when she ended up captured and thrown in jail due to an unknown rebellious act that wasn't mentioned. Toph found Aang next to her cell. Toph and Aang talked for a while until Sokka came in to rescue Aang. Toph asked to go with them and convinced them that it'd be easier. So upon that thought, they let her come along and she helped them escape. When they asked her to join, she declined, saying that she needed to get home, and then left, saying that perhaps they'd meet again.

Book 2: Earth

Toph returned much later in Book 2, when the team arrived in Gaoling. After arriving in town alongside June, relaxing on the wagon full of beaten outlaws, she told Team Avatar a bit about June, one thing being she wasn't a fan of spies. After some chat, Toph told them about the Beifongs (her family) and later on returned home, acting and looking much more formal. She gladly agreed to let the team in and later on let them stay, surprising them and her parents. Later on, she arrived in the guest room, spooking Aang a bit, and told them about an ultimate earthbender who'd be a great teacher, but didn't clear up who exactly it was before leaving.

Later on that night, Toph Beifong left the estate, in rendezvous with June. However, Aang soon found her out, while she was changing her outfit, and Toph quickly caught him as such. She didn't allow him to go, saying Aang saw too much. She dragged him along, as if he was a pet, until she found June at a bar. Toph mocked Aang some more until eventually it turned into arguing, and she attacked him. This triggered Aang's first Avatar State, and Toph had to fight him until Team Avatar came back. Her identity was discovered by her parents, something she didn't want to happen, before the fight ended. When the next day came, Toph tried to explain that she could take care of herself, despite being blind, much to her parent's dismay. In the end, however, Toph left anyway, and thanks to Ty Lee, became apart of Team Avatar.


  • Throughout episode 12 of this series, Toph didn't give her name to Team Avatar, as she waited until the second time they met to introduce herself.

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