By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe, Avatar: New Universe II and Avatar: New Universe III continuity.
Toph smiling
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Earth Kingdom


Ba Sing Se


16 (In Avatar: New Universe)

17 (In Avatar: New Universe II)

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color

Grey (blind)

Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)

Earth-bending, metalbending




Team Avatar, Teen Titans, Tennessee, Toube

Chronological and political information



Team Avatar


Unnamed Metal-bending students, Terra

First appearance
  • First - Arrival

Toph is a blind earthbender of the Earth Kingdom and proud member of Team Avatar. She was born blind but can easily see with her sensory she picked up while she was little. After the war, Toph had become teacher and was doing well with it since she was teaching metalbending.

Avatar: New Universe

Lost Arc

She first appears after Aang explained their trip to the team. Sokka suggests for her to wear some winter boots for the trip. She didn't want to, saying it'll make it hard to see, but when Sokka tells her about frostbite, she changes her mind immediately.

When they did get there, Toph was not happy with the weather at all. She had never been this far south before and when she stepped into the snow, she snaps at Nobutora when he asks of her safety. For most of the time, she was trying to get warm with the help of Zuko and Sokka until she was thrown into the thin ice, sending her and the team to Altonia.

Similar to Kyoushiro, Toph ends up finding herself far from the others, in a swamp. She didn't wake up until a splash from a Epiosu and found herself on a Lilly pad in deep water! Freaking her out. Things just got a bit more scary when the creature started eating her lifeboat. It wasn't until she hit it in the eye when it stopped and whacked her to the shore. When she got onto the wet earth, she felt someone come over to her and finds Terra and Beast Boy. After a brief introduction to each other, they leave the area of the swamp together.

When they stopped to rest, Toph made a rock tent for herself and was complimented by Beast Boy, saying he was impressed she was another bender who can do that. She then starts laughing after Terra said she was the best and lifted a boulder twice the size Terra did and crushed hers. Next she made a perfect statue as a show-off move. After a bit of arguing, they decided to do an earth bending match to decide who's the best in the world.

The fight lasted for a while until Jinouga stopped everything and dropped the message on her head. It was now she found out that she and Terra were eligible to compete in the Altonia Starlight Fighting Championship.

After a few days, Toph was itching to fight Terra again, but Terra convinced her to hold off the rematch until they get to the Championship. But one night, she accepts Terra's request for her to be her teacher and the next day, trained Terra in ways Toph finds easy, but Terra finding exhausting. After that though, she thought she sensed Aang due to the light footing, but in the end finding it's a robed spirit who blessed her with a luck charm to guarantee her safety.

Toph arrives to the championship with Terra and Beast Boy and went right into the fighting ring. She and Terra nearly beat up the instructor to get themselves in, getting their own personal training ground as a result.

Toph was busy in the training room after joining when Beast Boy came in and asked about where she lived. Toph went along and told the green kid about the Hundred Year War and asked him the same question. She stopped him after a bit though when she wasn't understanding his futuristic talk, and getting the idea that his world was more advanced than hers. After Beast Boy was describing the details of the titans, she wished she can check it herself and went back to training.

S.F.C Arc

After all the tough training she took, she was resting up in their groups room when she begins to sense someone coming. She was simply overjoyed, to the point of tears, when she finds it was Toube, her long lost friend. She was very happy to see Kyoushiro and Weed also. After the encounter with RedX, she and Terra go off to get ready for the fighting ahead.

Toph finally was ready to get her game on and to fight. After Krokhotep introduced the prizes, she walked out to the cheering crowd, which she hadn't heard for a long time. as far as fights go, Toph had it the easiest, defeating nearly all of em, and winning by default when fighting Bat.

Toph was fighting Kyoushiro and Weed that morning. She was holding up well at first but she began to feel a distracting vibration that made her unable to concentrate. She was rammed outta the way by Bat just before Raviente can eat her, saving her life. Aang and Starfire helped her up and they raced off to safety in a portal that opened for them.

Colossi Arc

After been given directions, Toph went on her way, Toube being her mount for the trip. Before she can fight Dirge, she accidentally came across Quassus and gotten his chakra orb, though unaware that she actually needed it.

Later on she finds her true target and defeats Dirge, gaining her ultimate form, but ends up unconscious from exhaustion and the blow dirge's chakra orb did.

Avatar: New Universe 2

Toph appears alongside Toube soon after she was done training her students for the day. she was gloating on about how good of a teacher she is when Toube reminds her suddenly about about the big wedding with Katara and Aang's wedding, which immediately freaks her out. after being calmed down by toube, she goes right off to Ba Sing Se.

When she arrives, Aang and her leave off to help prepare for the event. That night though, she was officially defeated by Ghost. Her bending was taken away by an ultimate Anti-bending Trick. She and Toube were dragged into one portal (the wrong one as it turns out) as the rest were thrown into another.

Arc 1

She and Toube fell into a deadly storm in the sea, and as the waves were beating them, Toph was knocked off and thrown into the Titans Tower. She wakes up bandaged up and in the presence of the Titans East Bumblebee, Aqualad, Speedy, and the tag team Mas y Menos. She speaks with them for a while until Toube came in fine and they both walk out. But while they were walking through Steel City, Smile Dog finds them again and ends up being bowed and gagged by the demon canine. Ghost them throws her into the right portal, leaving Toube alone.

Toph was thrown into the cooper world, in her case its the time of the old west. She woke up in a prison cell with Tennessee. She and Tennessee spoke for a bit and after some planning, had managed to escape from the prison they both were stuck in. Toph was taken to Tennessee's hideout, which is up in the clock tower. they both had a long conversation for a bit, talking about each other, until Toph heard Toothpick come in. She kept on eavesdropping until she fell through the weakened floor, thanks to Toothpick's shooting spree. she was grabbed by Adjula and taken away. Thanks to Pyramid Head, she was saved and was able to get home.

Arc 2

Toph makes it back home and tells the others on what happened to her for a while until they go to check on Zuko. At this point though she had to deal with Azula for a while until she leaves.

When they go through the portal to the Titan world, an indication was made that they weren't going the right way until Toph heard Toube calling for them. She was the first to run after the noise, getting in the right direction. When they do get there though, she had a very brief introduction to Geo-Force, Terra's half-brother, just before Gravemind came in and got her, Geo and Terra.

Gravemind brings her down and explains them on a few things, and gave Toph quite a surprise about the destined relations among her and Geo. After that this kept on her mind during their search for the tri piece in the barrens. the ultimate forms crossed her mind and tries to get hers when Ty ruins her concentration. She tries her sensory trick to find the piece but ends up getting her feet shocked instead from some unknown force, as she became vulnerable when Slenderman found them.

Arc 3

Toph was brought back to the foundation with the others and into her own cell. It was here where not only did she meet Kaibutsu, but also is where she reunited with Toube. Kaibutsu tells her about all of the weird mutations in the foundation and she begins to meditate, hoping to bring back her ultimate form so they can get out.

for days she tried this but still, for reasons she wasn't sure of, she just simply couldn't do it. She couldn't understand why, and she didn't get any help from Smile dog and Ghost. She overheard the conversation outside and immediately can take a hint as to what is going on. She was dragged into her place and strapped to a chair, being force feed by a newly made machine. She knew why, to made her a proper meal for SCP-682, and couldn't do anything to stop it. She looked ready to explode afterwards and was taken back.

After that, she remained in her cell, unsure of what to do. She never tried any mediational means. However it came time for her to meet 682, which was something she didn't look forward to. She kept trying and trying again to retaliate but eventually she was forced into the cell. She couldn't bend in 682's cell so protection was out of the question. She was going to get killed until Kaibutsu came in and saved her. Toube came in and got her and they all ran off.

After they got out, Toph had to ride on Kaibutsu's back for a while because she was too sickly to walk around herself. She did manage to hear Shuck coming their way but couldn't do anything except warn Kaibutsu and Toube. She blamed the foundation for her condition, and told them that once they found the others outside again.

When the plan came underway the next day, she was told to wait outside so she, Toube and Kaibutsu can fight off the outside guards so there will be no reinforcements.

When they all came back though, she was attacked by one of the guards, being drained as a result. Luckily for her she was rescued by Sokka, whom stabbed the beast in letting her go.

Avatar: New Universe 3

She appears back in Ba Sing Se, looking out their house window that night. She had been doing this for sometime and caught Katara's attention. She tells her on about her missing her friends, the Titans, and she was about to go back to sleep when she senses too familiar footsteps from outside. She confused it for Aang but found out it was actually Marage! She was shocked to meet Marage again as she went outside with Katara first. She waited outside, making sure Marage was Marage and not Aang before Aang and Sokka came back outside.

Toph was glad to finally see the titans again after the longest time. During their time of relaxing, Toph tells the others about her bending school back home, and was impressed when she found out Terra is able to sense the world around her similar to her.

While they were making their creations, Toph felt rather left out for a while until she was shown how to make an animal using just her mind. She used this method to create Groudon.

Sometime after they arrive in Kyouga, and discover the sacred ground of Groudon, Toph senses Smile Dog and Ghost and quickly exposes them. During their talk, she keeps confirming if they're lying or not.

She remains aside until they find Groudon again. While Umbreon was talking, she knew she was lying, but Groudon distracted her first before she is able to say anything. After the fight was done though and Umbreon leaft, Toph confronts Groudon, having wanted to meet it for the longest time. She was given one part of the Triforce as for the team as its thanks.

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