Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Toph's Demon in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Toph's Demon Part 1
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One-shot part 1

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Toph's Demon Part 2

A one-shot I had in mind inspired by this: The Darkness Within

This isn't exactly focused so well. It actually is more a What if one-shot, jumping to different episodes and settings where I imagine Toph where she literally loses her mind and goes psycho thanks to her Demon. (Yes, there will be killing and blood/gore in it. You've been warned).


It was a long time ago (before Aang was discovered). And the Beifong family had a lovely little baby girl. They had named her Toph and it's only been a day since her birth. She hasn't been able to open her eyes just yet and her parents had found a horrifying truth...she was stillborn! The local healers said they could only wait and see if a miracle will happen. She only has until the fallowing morning until she goes...

Toph was laying in her crib. Not noise passing her was dead silent. Her mother was just leaving her, tears falling down her face.

"I'm sorry...I'm so sorry..." she said to Toph, as she walked out...a few minutes later though, someone came back. But it wasn't her mother, nor father!...but a man. A dark, demonic man. He gave a deadly grin and suddenly got inside was now she was saved...and she is none the wiser.

PT. 1: Earth Kingdom

The Blind Bandit

(Watch until Xin Fu tells then about Aang and the Fire Nation reward.)

Toph just stood there as she sensed all the action going on. Katara and Sokka were having a ton of trouble dealing with all the pro benders. But one point virtually put ALL their lives at risk. During the fight, Katara was about to send a wall of ice on one of them, but a huge earth bending boulder shattered it to pieces, one of them hitting Toph square in the head! The impact knocked her back a few feet, seemingly knocked out.

"TOPH!!" her father screeched. He was about to rush over when Toph slowly stood up...and ran pass them right into the ring!

"Toph! Get back here!"

Toph, Katara, and Sokka

Killer Toph

But Toph didn't seem to hear him...Her mind was bring controlled! She first went psycho on the enemy, shooting rock spears everywhere, one of which snapped Aang's chain! Aang's cage crashed open as he jumped he did, he could see Toph's eyes didn't look normal. Her grey blind eyes had turned into a glowing orange! Suddenly Toph had been pushed too far!

"THAT'S IT! THIS ARENA TURNS TO RUINS!!!" she screeched, now sounding more demonic than normal...Aang can see now she isn't doing all this voluntarily. Toph quickly made a huge leap into the air, aimed her fist to the floor, and slammed down hard! The impact was so strong that the entire arena floor collapsed into the pit! A huge dust cloud bellowed through the huge building as Katara, Sokka, Aang and Toph's parents raced out of danger.

As soon as the dust cloud cleared up, Aang was the first to step out...he saw no arena. Now it was nothing more than a destroyed pit, only one pillar with Toph on top, panting slowly and weeping, now realizing what had happened. Aang looked around at the ruble to see bloody broken bodies of the pro benders scattered around.

Serpents Pass

(Watch until Toph ends up stuck alone on her island)

Things sure aren't looking good now. Toph didn't move from her island when everyone else got out of the serpent's territory.

"Toph, Come on! Hurry!" Suki called. Toph took a step onto the ice path...

Toph walking on ice

Toph's attempt to escape the serpent

"Sorry, I'd rather stay on my island where I can see!" She replied. Her mind was quickly changed when the serpent nearly got her! Freaked out, she slowly started to cross the path. She still can't see anything, and suddenly the serpent broke the path and knocked her into the water with its tail! She started to panic as she tried her best to swim.

"Toph! Hold on, I'm coming!" Sokka called. He quickly ran and dove into the water, swimming frantically to reach her before the serpent does. Sokka dove down when he saw Toph sank underwater. He could see her sinking farther down, but just before he can reach her, suddenly something began to open up around her! It appeared like a portal of some kind. But suddenly something huge shot out! That thing looked like nothing he had seen before. It had no eyes nor mouth, having a spear at front of its face. It also had a set of huge wings with two giant holes in each one, seemingly pushing it forward. Its current shot him upward, clear out of the water, him screaming as a screech was made by the creature as it got airborne, shocking and scarring everyone! What's worse it had Toph on its forehead, whom was still knocked out! Toph fell off the things head and almost landed on Sokka, whom quickly scooped her up and tried for shore.

"Don't worry Toph. I'm here." Sokka said as he swam. But Toph looked a little different, her skin turned as grey as her eyes were! But he didn't have time to think about that, since the serpent suddenly appeared in their way! Aang and Katara were about to water-bend it but then the monster stabbed through it with its spear, zooming strait upward, lifting the creature completely out of the water! As it did...suddenly a sudden burst of energy split the serpent in two! The blood from the beast spewed out, raining blood for a good 20 seconds. The monster then charged at Sokka and Toph with lightning speed!...but then it turned to the wind itself, and blasted them to the shore...Toph finally woke up. "You okay Toph?" Sokka asked. Toph gagged on the water for a second or two.

"I...I don't know anymore...what happened?"

"THAT happened!" Sokka replied, pointing to the huge bloody mess that was Serpents Pass. Toph froze...she didn't know if it was her...or something else.

The Crossroads of Destiny

(watch until Toph and Sokka see Mai threatening to kill the king)

Toph and Sokka just stood there as they both saw the king with a blade to his throat. Sokka went to surrender but Toph just stood there for a while, feeling an all too familiar sense in her head.

"Toph?...Not again, TOPH! LISTEN TO-" Before Sokka can get through to her, Ty Lee quickly chi-blocked him, he shutting up as she did the same to Toph! The chi-blocking disabled Sokka but Toph surprised everyone when she stayed on her feet! "What the? Try again!" Mai ordered. Ty Lee did try again, about 5 times, but each time Toph didn't fall! Finally she started to cringe up.

"Everyone!...Run!" Was all she could say before she was lost...and something came in! Her skin turned grey again like before, and her eyes turned red! Mai could only watch as Toph (or at least her body) rose up and a demonic face glared at her with a horrifying smile! Mai was scared but more tough. She tried shooting her ninja blades at her...only to have them literally melt away before hitting her!!

"What's the matter mortal? Afraid?!" Toph growled, more demonic than most. She tried to fight it, but it was extreme and she couldn't win! The distraction gave Mai and Ty Lee time to run out, but Sokka was snatched up by Ty Lee, saving him too as they all heard a huge Howl coming from the palace!

Suddenly Ty Lee, Mai, and Sokka found they were being chased by an unknown beast! It had giant teeth, size of knives, with a body pack with muscles strong enough to Topple a column (which it crushed as he was running after them!)

(fast forward until Aang started to meditate in his crystal chamber)

As Aang was entering the Avatar State, Ty Lee and Mai bolted in, completely paranoid as the monster was right behind them.

"Everybody run!" Ty Lee screeched. But before they can ask what, the creature caught up and rammed them like a rhino, shooting them into the wall! A huge howl rattled the entire cavern to the point that it threatened to fall down on everyone.

"What is that thing?!" Katara gasped. The creature jumped in and nearly crushed her on sight! Sokka tried his club but the beast nearly shattered it! It stood there growling for a while until Aang, at the worst time, began to lift himself up...he's in full Avatar State!

"You're all mine Avatar," Azula thought. She got in position and was about to zap him when the monster grabbed her, shaking her violently. But the lightning bolt still blasted into its mouth! The pain blasted through its body as a lightning shot out of its tail, right into Aang! The shot of lightning flew the monster into the underground stream. Everyone was silent for the while after Katara grabbed Aang...what happened...where did it come from...Azula was so occupied by the beast that Team Avatar managed to escape.

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