By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
"Sheriff" Toothpick
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Shooter pistols


Tennessee, Toph

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Gangster (formerly), Sheriff

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Tennessee Kid PT1

Toothpick is a tough, yet small sheriff that threw Tennessee in jail. This "Sheriff" is actually a rough gangster boss of the present day.


Toothpick grew up loving two things: Cowboys and gold. For the longest time though he never figured out how to make it happen. But his dream finally came true when Le Paradox}} had let him go back to the Wild West so he can make his dream into a reality, and he loved it! His strong gold hit made him throw Tennessee in jail for the reward of 50,000 gold coins, but it isn't clear as to why he threw Toph in the same cell. The most likely thing is that, since he was counting money at the time, she fell in and gave him quite a shock.

Avatar: New Universe II

Toothpick, after throwing Toph in jail, was still counting his gold, thinking a bit on what Toph is, let along why she was thrown at him anyway. But this thought was cut short not only because of the prize money he was counting, but when she and Tennessee escaped, leaving him shooting at the sky in rage with his pistols.

After that, he called his guards into the clock tower. His plan was to bring the gold he gained from Tennessee's imprisonment AND the gold he stolen from the bank job which was originally Tennessee's job, and return to the present day so he can be rich. After explaining though, Smile Dog, Ghost and Adjula visit him and ask for Toph. He threatens them to get lost, shooting his bullets around, causing Toph and Tennessee to fall through the ceiling. He stayed with Tennessee while the trio pulled Toph away.

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