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Young Aang
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Air Nomads; Southern Air Temple



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Air, Glider

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Helia, Air Nomads, Aang

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Airbending Traning

Tomani are an Air Nomad who lived in Southern Air Temple.



Tomani Southern Air Temple was born to two unnamed Airbenders in 796 AG who was given to the monks of Southern Air Temple. Tomani traveled around the world. During his childhood, Tomani was housed, raised
Avatar statues

Tomani shows Helia her past life.

and educated at his home, the Southern Air Temple. In 808 AG he became the Avatar Helia guide and good friend when she was in the Air temple to learn Airbending. When Tomani was six years old, he traveled to the Eastern Air Temple to get a Flying Bison with some other boys. He gave a bison an apple that he took them and became friends for life and he named his bison to Aang by Avatar Aang.

Meeting Avatar Helia

He gave her Airbender clothes and showed her to her room during her time there. He also showed her the sanctuary of the temple and told us about some of her earlier Avatar lives including Avatar Basto and Marno.

Katara comforts Aang

Helia comforts Tomani.

Become friend with Helia

Once in the winter so messed an older Air Nomad with him and he became so sad as he ran away from the temple. Helia found out and started searching for him and found him some distance from the temple and she comforted him by hugging him. After Helia had mastered Airbending so packed she went off, but she promised Tomani that she would return when she had saved Fire Nation capital from invasion force.

Tomani continued his Airbending training and sometimes he got message hawk from Helia who wrote about his training and how she was feeling. And after a short time, returned to Helia and she told him everything about the battle of the Fire Nation.

Invited to Helias wedding

He was then invited to the wedding among Helia and Jinro. Tomani was Jinros best man at the wedding and the wedding dinner, so he danced with Helia little and entertained guests with Helia making any Airbending tricks. Helia chose him as godfather to her children Lenzin and Chezin.

Later years

After ten years he became an Airbending master and Airbending teacher as he had hoped for, he also married and had a son Harto who was born year 818 AG sent to the Northern Air Temple where he met occasionally. His wife Jeni still lives in the Eastern Air Temple with other female Air Nomads, but they meet only occasionally.


Tomani is a happy, mischievous, intelligent boy he used to play with their friends and sometimes some of them elderly Airbenders. But is always in a good mood and have a sense of humor.


  • Unnamed mother
  • Unnamed father

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