By Gingalover Part of the Ginga Densetsu Avatar continuity.
"I can make things move without touching them...I can make bad stuff happen to people who are mean to me..."
— Tom explaining in a way of his abilities to Team Avatar
Unnamed Fire Nation boy
Biographical information

Unknown (probably Fire Nation)

Birth place



Earth Kingdom

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color

Dark red

Personal information
Bending style(s)





Team Avatar, Azula, more...



Chronological and political information

"The Fleet"

First appearance

Book 2: earth - Book 3: fire

Tom is a strange boy that was found by Aang and the others when thrown into the chasum cell. He has special yet mysterious abilities that couldn't be explained as much.

Book 2: Earth

Tom was first described by Genba, saying he's not like normal people. It wasn't very clear onto why he was in there anyways, but whatever it was, it got his records destroyed and will cause a huge incident if mentioned to anyone. He manages to get out and at first tries to get the info to Sokka through mind work, but all it did was hurt Sokka, so he tries a much easier way and send a note to Team Avatar's home. In it he explains what happened and apologizes for his attempt to Sokka. His official appearance is shown up later when he oddly returns to the prison cell. At first he thought that Zuko was "the doctor". But after a bit of talking Genba came back and starts yelling at him. He asks him later on why did he "destroy him", getting the reply under the order of the king. Later on Smellerbee asks him about why he was here. But instead of words, he somehow causes a crystal stalk to fall inches away from her, freaking everyone out. After a bit of a talk, he escapes with everyone during the invasion and didn't serve much strong role during the event.

Book 3: Fire

Tom appears later on with Mel while Aang was still knocked out. He motioned Mel to leave Aang alone so Tesshin can wake him up. He shows up later with Mel to check up on Aang after he found out Appa's death. He overhears Aang's little poet moment along with Mel and asked of his poetry skills. During their talk, Tom explained what had happened to Appa and mentions that Wan Shi Tong had helped them with transport. Afterwards he and Mel went in with Aang to get some sleep.

Later on, he was Captured by Bat along with Zuko. He at first thought that it was Blue who captured them, and telepathically told the others back at the ship what happened. But it wasn't much until after this that he messed up when Blue was never even there! But rather than question it when Team Avatar came, he quickly escaped along with the others. But sadly he had already used his power to take care of blue before he realized his mistake (at least that's what Smith thought when the landslide occurred).

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