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Tom-Tom appears in Dennis Fielder's Book 4 story still being the happy baby in his original appearance.


Tom-Tom's appearance has changed little over the course of the story. He still appears the same as when he appeared in "Return to Omashu".


Tom-Tom is still the happy baby he was in "Return to Omashu". He's also shown to be very loving to his elder sister as he giggled when it was decided that he should go with Team Avatar on their search for Ursa as a way to see the world.


Avatar: The Last Airbender: Book 4: Air

The Fire Nation Ambassador


Mai's asked by her mother to watch Tom-Tom.

After the end of the War, Tom-Tom remained in Omashu when his father was named the Fire Nation Ambassador by Zuko. When Zuko and the rest of Team Avatar arrived to look for Ursa and check on Mai's parents, Mai says hello to Tom-Tom as he giggles at her, especially after she tickles his stomach. Once the team's about to leave, Mai is asked by her mother to take Tom-Tom with them as a way for him to see the world, and practice for when Zuko and Mai have children. Tom-Tom appears to like the idea and laughs when he sees Momo again, inside Sokka's shirt.

Return to the Swamp

During the journey on Appa, Tom-Tom petted Momo, gaining Momo's friendship as a result. When Team Avatar was separated upon entering the Swamp, Tom-Tom ended up with Zuko's group, giggling about the landing, prompting Mai to guess that he just thought it was a big roller coaster as she picked him up. Tom-Tom was reunited with the rest of the team along with everyone else and left for Gaoling.

The Bei Fongs

Just before arriving in Gaoling, Tom-Tom said his first word, Mai. Aang, Zuko, Katara, and Mai congratulated him on this, and a letter was sent to his mother with the news.

The First Dragon Warrior

Katara holds Tom-Tom

Katara, Sokka, and Tom-Tom shortly before Malu's attack.

When Team Avatar was camped out for the night, Tom-Tom said his second word, Zuko's name. Once again, everyone praised him, with Mai calling Tom-Tom a smart boy. When Malu's team ambushed them, and Kaizen fought the non-benders, Tom-Tom was protected by Mai, even when Kaizen's Dragon Warrior State activated, though he didn't attack either of them at that point.

Fortunes and Training

Tom-Tom went to Aunt Wu's house with the others and was left in the care of Katara while Mai went to see Aunt Wu.

Author's Notes

Tom-Tom was bassically used as a way to keep the mood light, especially for darker episodes like The First Dragon Warrior. Tom-Tom is also used to bring out Mai's maternal side to help her transition from Zuko's girlfriend to his wife and a mother herself.

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