Weapon Shopping We Go
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The Road that Never Ends




Together in Death



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September 24, 2011

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Mako Meets Yin

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Weapon Shopping We Go

Setting: Unknown

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Time: 10-11:00 PM

Lee awoke with wind rushing at his face. His eyes started to water right when they opened. He lay propped up against a few rolled up blankets, lying down on them as you would on a lounge chair. Mako lay wrapped in a blanket right next to him, snoring gently.

The sky was dark but the moon was bright and full. It seemed bigger to Lee than normal, its features such as craters and shadows more visible and easy to notice. The stars were changed as well, with more of a sparkle to them than ever before. You couldn't get a better view of them from anywhere else in the world but here, right where Lee was sitting.

Although his vision was slightly blurred (being half asleep as he was), Lee recognized Yin sitting cross-legged a few feet in front of him. Her long hair blew back in the intense gale of a wind. So much wind, Lee thought, beginning to sit up and stretch his arms. His stomach lurched. Whoa... That didn't feel very good.

"You're awake," Yin said, not bothering to turn around.

Lee's stomach lurched a second time, this one more prominent than the first. "Where are we?"

"Lin," she answered, turning around with the smile of the devil incarnate. "My Flying Bison."

Lee finally realized why the wind was so strong, why the moon was so bright, why the stars were so vibrant. His stomach lurched a third time, and Lee knew what was going to happen.

He knew he couldn't throw up all over the Bison's saddle. When he found there was not one bucket, bowl, or anything else he could use, there was only one place left to turn. He crawled as fast as he could to the edge of the saddle and vomited, possibly onto a sorry person below who wished he hadn't taken a midnight stroll. Once finished with his second, more disgusting episode of the day, Lee asked, "What happened to the people in the village?"

"I think I deserve a thank you first. I did save your life when you fainted like a sissy boy back there!" After a minute of uninterrupted laughter at Lee's embarrassed-looking face, Yin asked in an excited voice, "Well?"

Lee figured she meant she wanted her thank you, and said in an irritated tone, "Okay, thanks, now what happened to that village?"

"Not that! You never answered my question. Do you believe in Flying Bison now?"

Lee said in a civilized manner, "I am very sorry that I mocked you and, um, Lin. I truly do believe in Flying Bison. Now what happened to Pohan Village?"

Yin's face became hard as she said, "It was either taken as a Fire Nation 'colony' or its inhabitants were burned alive. Personally, I would have chosen the latter."

It all came to Lee in a rush of anger. She... All those people...

"You didn't do anything to stop the soldiers? You left those people to... How could you do that?!" Lee was standing now, fists clenched in rage.

Yin stood up too and yelled defensively, "They were not my responsibility!"

"Neither was my brother, but you helped him! Why not do the same for them?"

"He... Children are a different matter than other people. Mako seemed so-"

"That's a pretty sad excuse! There were children back there, too, but you didn't rescue them! Why did you help only him?! What reason could be good enough to let those people die?!"

Yin's face turned expressionless. Her eyes shut and she turned away. She sat back down cross-legged again, hair blowing back in the wind exactly the same way it did minutes before and answered, "Mako would be alone without you. The people in that village will be together in death."

Lee's mouth opened to speak, but the words would not come. He finally understood Yin's reasoning: Yin could have saved them, but from what? And for how long? The people of Pohan were lucky. They would never see what war truly is. War loomed over the world then. Yin knew that. She and the entire world knew that the Fire Nation wanted war. Lee knew this too. In a way, the death of those people was a blessing. The people of Pohan would live happily in death. The world would live in life for nothing.

Lee went back to his lounge chair-like blanket bed and looked at the stars above. Mako still lay there next to him, still sleeping soundly. What did you think of the Fire Nation today? Lee thought, looking fondly at his little brother. Did you see the Fire Nation for what it really is? Or did you still think they were doing good?

Deep in his heart, Lee knew what Mako's answer was. He did not want to hear it.


  • Remember this chapter. It is maybe one of the most important ones I'll ever write.
  • This is not a normal two-parter. The second part won't be coming for a long time.
  • Yin's words are the second most important ones you'll read in this fanon. Remember them.

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