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Todd Hewitt
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New World


12 (13 month calender; actually 14)

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Viola, Team Avatar, The Sisters


Aaron, The Mayor

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New World

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Prologue: Nightmare

Todd is a settler from New World who was brought here along with Viola. When he arrived, he was gravely injured from a knife wound to the back that had gone untreated.


New World

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Spirit World

Todd arrived in the Spirit World and was almost immediately confronted by Wangji-as-Sen, who hates humans. They get in an argument, and when Wangji attacks, the real Sen comes in. Let's just say, she's not happy to see an impersonator. She chases Wangji off, and offers to lead Todd to her Sister so they talk aboiut "things". Todd is constantly questioning Sen about where he is, and while she's answering, she hears Koh approaching. She pushes him behind her and after a long confrontation, Sen is able to get Koh to leave. They continue walking, but then they come across Kekka's body laying in a clearing, stabbed in the heart. Sen completely loses it and Todd watches as she breaks down. But then the real Kekka comes in (Wangji has really bad timing...) and screws everything up. Todd then walks away, trying to find a way back to the Physical world. He isn't seen again until Falsehoods, when he crashes into Aang while escaping from Koh.


(Again, just my imagination!)

Todd is slightly dark-skinned, with short black hair and brown eyes. He has a scar on his head from where Viola hit him with a branch, and on his back where Aaron stabbed him. He also wears a brown shirt.


Todd is brash and outspoken, but soft on the inside. He honestly thinks he's doing the right thing, but outside events and forces have skewed his vision of New World. This has made Todd mistrustful and easily embarrassed, mostly about the lack of knowledge he really has.



Viola is Todd's first friend in a long time, as once "men" in his town turn thirteen, they won't talk to "boys" like Todd, and he's been the only one for a while now. He obviously feels an attachment to her, as Todd went after Aaron and Viola when she was kidnapped, and gave up Manchee for her. They argue a lot, but they seem to understand each other a little, with both being orphans and both having no idea what they've gotten themselves into.


Todd doesn't really fight per say. He just charges blindly at his opponent. But there is a possibility that he's a bender like Viola, even while not being born in the World of Avatar.


  • Todd was never meant to come into the World of Avatar. He was easily sucked in along with Viola because his soul was severely weakened by fever and grief and he was (physically) close to her.

Chapter's in (or with) Todd's POV:

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